Mechanic Job Description

With the advancement of many types of technology at present, the need for many skilled workers is increasing in numbers. Experienced and skilled workers are more sought after by companies rather than those with just white collared job experiences.

What is a Mechanic?

A Mechanic is a worker that is designated for repair, installation and maintenance of a vehicle, machinery or equipment.

Duties of a Mechanic

  • A Mechanic is responsible for providing preventive maintenance such as checking the fuel injection pumps, electrical systems, changing and checking tires, brakes and changing the oil to avoid breakdown.
  • A Mechanic is also responsible for analysis and evaluation on the vehicles or machinery to establish if there is need for repair, service needed or replacement of parts.
  • A Mechanic is responsible for outsourcing spare parts for the vehicle, equipment or machinery. He is responsible for outsourcing quality and cost efficient suppliers.
  • A Mechanic is responsible for preparing and completing service vehicle reports on repairs, service check and spare parts replacement for reference.
  • A Mechanic is also responsible for test driving or evaluating the performance of the vehicle or equipment after it has been serviced to determine that it functions at its optimum level.

Work condition of a Mechanic

  • A Mechanic works in an automotive shop. Depending on the size of the shop, bigger businesses offer a large space with more hands to work with and with more advanced tools. Smaller automotive shops may have poor ventilation, heat and lighting.
  • Mechanics with more experience and with a mechanical ability are generally more preferred among the employers. For jobs in automotive, the Mechanic has to have a driver’s license.
  • In general Mechanics, may work for longer hours because of emergency service calls. This job also requires heavy lifting, handling greasy spar parts and tools.
  • This job also requires that the Mechanic is healthy and in good physical condition.

Educational Requirements of a Mechanic

  • Most hired Mechanics, have completed their high school and earning them a diploma.
  • For a higher Mechanic position, completion of a Bachelor’s Degree is a must particularly in the field of Math and Science.
  • Others are also required to have the Automotive Service Excellence certification as proof of proficiency in their knowledge and skills.

Occupation and Progress of a Mechanic

Jobs such as being a Mechanic require full knowledge and skills to be able to accomplish the job. Mechanics with advanced training and actual skills naturally get to have the highest salary in the business. Gaining experience is also another way of being able to earn a higher wage. Since there are more invented vehicles and machinery at present for uses in different industries, it is safe to say that workers needed to operate and maintain all these will be very much needed for a much longer period of time. With the demands for specialists, promotion among workers will be an open opportunity for many. In general a Mechanic’s salary is at $17 per hour and those who are more experienced have a salary of $25.

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