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Picking your choice of career is not as easy as what the high school students are thinking. There are so many things to consider before choosing your own career specially when there are varieties of choices to choose from. One must consider how in demand it is in the society, how high is its employment rate, the working condition and the job outlooks.

One of the best careers nowadays in the industry are those computer related courses. One of these careers is the network security. The increase of subsequent losses and computer attacks has highlighted the demand of network security professionals.

We call the computers today as the network. Computer networks are now used in our everyday life to conduct transactions, and communications in all aspects such as social, educational and commercial.

What is Network Security?

The area of network security consists of the requirements and rules implemented by the network administrator in order to prevent and supervise unauthorized access, modifications, misuse, or denial of the computer network and network-accessible resources. This career consists of a variety of computer networks that are used in everyday tasks performing communications and transactions among government agencies, businesses, and individuals.

Duties of a Network Security

  • Network securities used their knowledge and skills to help protect consumers, businesses, government agencies, and the society.
  • They categorize all types of threats such as internal, external, intentional and unintentional threats and works to stop them.
  • Network securities examine, evaluate, and deploy security technology, products, and integrated systems for safeguarding, supervising, assessing, and exploring the security of the IT assets.
  • They evaluate, review, and assess the currently executed suite of tools and technologies that support the IT security and this includes current isolated access mechanisms and security controls.
  • They establish security configuration baselines and standards.

Work Condition of a Network Security

Network security professionals usually work in well-lighted, comfortable offices or computer laboratories. They normally work 40 hours a week and 8 hours a day. But there are some who may be required to be on call duty outside of normal business hours to solve some system failures or other problems.

Educational Requirements of a Network Security

Network securities are required to have a bachelor’s degree, even though an associate degree or professional certification maybe adequate together with a related work experience. Most companies require network securities to have at least five years of related hands on experience in researching, testing, evaluating, operating, implementing and maintaining security technology products and integrated systems. At least two years in providing engineering and security assistance in installation, operation and monitoring of large scale experience is also necessary.

Occupation and Progress of a Network Security

The network security position carries a huge responsibility in the computer industry. Professionalism and ethics on this career can be compromised. Information and network security must have an interest for lifetime loyalty to information technology.

If you want to be successful in the field of network security, you must prepare yourself with knowledge and skills in security basics and networking fundamentals.

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