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Lunchtime Assistant Job Description

Would you like to work in a day care center? How about in those large schools? There are tons of places where a lunchtime assistant is needed. This is one of the most in demand jobs today and a lot of young people prefer this kind of profession because it is not only high paying but it is also rewarding. If you love kids then this profession is for you.

Would you like to apply for this job? Get all the important details regarding this profession below.

What is a Lunchtime Assistant?

A lunchtime assistant typically works alongside with the nursery team in maintaining and organizing legal staff to child ratio at all times while main nursery staff and employee take their particular lunch breaks. This person is in charge while the supervisor is out.

Duties of a Lunchtime Assistant

  • A lunchtime assistant is responsible in preparing and setting the tables. He is also responsible it clearing them away.
  • A lunchtime assistant works in all areas helping staff and children during mealtimes. He is responsible in feeding the children and providing them right amount of food according to age and weight.
  • A lunchtime assistant is responsible in preparing milk bottles and in feeding babies.
  • A lunchtime assistant is responsible in assisting the nursery team in giving the right kind of play time opportunities and also have continuous interaction with the children who are under their supervision.
  • A lunchtime assistant is responsible in setting out the room with toys and also responsible in arranging furniture so children could access them more easily.

Work Condition of a Lunchtime Assistant

A lunchtime assistant will typically work from 12pm-2.00pm during school-days. He or she will normally work for about 10 hours every week. His typical work would include several walking and standing, within school and will involve activities outside in the playing field such as playing sports with young kids during break time.

Educational Requirements of a Lunchtime Assistant

Here are the general requirements for those who are interested to apply on this profession: An interested applicant should be at least eighteen years old in order to apply in this profession. It can be a plus point, if he or she will include any fundamental first-aid abilities as well as working experiences with kids. He or she should obtain permission by CRB: Criminal-Records-Bureau. There are certain assessment tests which you need to take in order to check your record.

Occupation and Progress of a Lunchtime Assistant

Being a lunchtime assistant means you can have more great opportunities waiting for you especially if you are working in large school. There is possibility for you to get promoted and be a lunchtime supervisor or you can also be a teaching assistant.

Obtaining the kind of job you love will not provide you great opportunities but also great rewards. You just have to show dedication and hard work towards your choice of profession in order to fully obtain the benefits of it.

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