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Operation Manager UK Job Description

There are a great number of marketing industries available in different parts of the world that require competent managers. If you like a career in business industry and manage daily operations, then becoming an operation manager is something to consider.

What is an operation manager?

Operations managers are professionals who run the daily operations of a certain business or organization. Their sole purpose is finding strategies and ways in order to make their company more productive and progressive through implementing effective methods with their business operations.

Duties of an operation manager

  • Operation managers prepare program budgets, controls inventory, facilitate various programs in their company, interviews personnel, handles logistics and supervises employees.
  • In order for a certain department to operate smoothly, operations managers are required set procedures and rules for personnel to follow which include setting workplace policies in order to make sure that effective adherence and implementation among each employee is met.
  • They usually handle the operating budget of their company in order to know the expenditures of the company and the needed purchase in the future.
  • Becoming an operations manager is generally about customer service. With this, they should know the amount of money that is within the company’s budget in order to provide the necessary services and products that may hold the customers.
  • Operations managers serve as representatives during functions and committee meetings. They act as spokespersons for their company and discuss different plans and objectives in a particular organization so that it will be profitable and progressive.
  • They handle different issues such as shipment delays, risk management, employee problems and clients’ dissatisfaction.

Condition of Work

Operation managers are employed in an array of industries and mostly work at public offices, administrative units, private business firms and business enterprises. Their work is very stressful as they are responsible in handling various business issues and should make strategies that will solve the problem.

Educational Requirement

In order to become an operation manager, candidates are required to purse a bachelor’s degree in business management, finance, communication, accounting and any other related course. Some employers may also prefer candidates with prior work experience in any business industry and hold a master’s degree in business administration.

Occupation and Progress

The salary of operations managers usually depend upon the qualifications, skills and work experience in business establishments. Most operation managers in United Kingdom earn several benefits and compensations and usually earn an average wage of USD 55000 per annum. This amount can reach up to USD 100000 if candidates have gained more than 10 years of work experience.

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