Operation Director Job Description

Contributing to various business industries to make it profitable is the core essence of several careers and one vital career that involves daily operation in managing firms is that of an operation director.

What is an operation director?

An operation director is a vital member of a firm in a company who has already proven his worth as an employee in a wide variety of positions. The longevity and obtaining a good record in the company is the foremost determinants in order to get the promotion as an operation director.

Duties of an operation director

  • An operation director is also known as a chief of operation officer or COO is a member of a firm who takes direction from their CEO or chief executive officer. Operation directors make sure that the policy of the business and imperatives that are made by their CEO are accomplished successfully by the staff.
  • The duties of an operation director include coordinating with their subordinate department heads such as managing directors in order to make sure that the entire goals and objectives are met successfully.
  • Specific tasks may differ across industries. An operation director must possess excellent skills in communication as their job includes organizing team members as well as implementing the policies of the CEO. A good number of work experiences in handling various departments play a vital role in helping directors regarding specific complexities in managing its firm. Great organizational and arbitration skills are required to attain satisfactory performance.

Condition of Work

Operation directors work in an array of industries. They are mostly found inside the company’s offices with good work environment. A good communication skill is important as the job requires frequent interaction with different people.

Educational Requirement

It is generally required that an operation director possess a master’s degree in business administration with a great number of work experience in any industry especially works that are related to managing the firm. Majority of operation directors are easily promoted after working several years on a firm.

Occupation and Progress

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics projected little or no change with the job growth or a possible growth of 2% or a possible decline of 2% on 2008 up to 2018. Competition for operation director positions is expected to remain intense as there is typically very few turnovers on this managerial level. The median wage for operation directors is about $91,570 per annum.

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