Pharmacy Recruiter Job Description

by Publishing Team on November 11, 2010

The recruitment and hiring of pharmacists for designated regions is the primary responsibility of the Pharmacy Recruiter

Primary Objectives:

  • The Pharmacy Recruiter hires and recruits pharmacists to fill in vacant positions.
  • The Pharmacy Recruiter must also provide a report regarding field staffing statistics.
  • The Pharmacy Recruiter must be familiar with the processes and terms in the pharmaceutical industry.
  • A Bachelor’s Degree in Pharmacy is a must for a Pharmacy Recruiter.
  • A Pharmacy Recruiter must have the demonstrated ability to negotiate and collaborate with clients and candidates.
  • The Pharmacy Recruiter is in charge of organizations and implementation of plans on how to effectively recruit pharmacists for areas that need pharmacists. Recruitment from competitors through canvassing, cold calls and direct services is also done by the Pharmacy Recruiter. A database for pharmacist leads must also be maintained by the Pharmacy Recruiter. The Pharmacy Recruiter tracks job offers given to applicants and also follow up the offers which have been declined. Collaboration with different people is also done by the Pharmacy Recruiter so he can report statistics on field staffing. Vacant pharmacist positions are also coordinated with advertising agencies. The Pharmacy Recruiter also communicates updates in the competitors’ benefit packages or compensation to the Director for Human Resource. Recruitment within colleges in the area is also done by the Pharmacy Recruiter. The Pharmacy Recruiter assists in improving programs for pharmacy recruitment.

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