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Odontologist Job Description

When we are conducting researches there are many things to consider. It depends on what and how the crimes or historical remains are done. Every day when we open our televisions or radios we always hear and see different kinds of crimes. Scientists or archeologists discover something new like fossil remains that is difficult to identify the date it was made. Nowadays there are new gadgets being discovered in identifying them that can be useful in investigating crimes or remains. There are also people who are experts on this field like the odontologist.

What is an Odontologist?

The profession of an Odontologist is really useful in finding answers especially to those unclear and unknown issues. For those people who are curious for the things and discoveries happening that has no conclusion yet. They give clarity for those victims who need justice. They give exact facts to those who want the truth behind any new discovery of body remains or fossils. In solving crimes they use the teeth for having strong evidences. The scientists believe and concluded that the teeth can strongly signify matching with the DNA; this helps an Odontologist in having research.

Duties of an Odontologist

  • An Odontologist acts like a doctor or detectives. But usually an Odontologist is a Dentist. A dentist works on teeth. Also, an Odontologist uses teeth to prove any crimes or historical findings.
  • They make researches by using the evidences they have like body parts or prints.
  • They conduct X-ray and compare it to their research.
  • In criminal investigations they compare marks and other evidences.
  • Also an Odontologist can testify in courts. They give their research that helps them solve the case.
  • In conducting research, the remains like fossils and body can also be their job. They observe and study if what kind of animal or species it is and when or where it originated.

Work Condition of an Odontologist

  • An Odontologist works in his/her clinic. This is where he/she conducts his/her study by anlyzing and experimanting. With the use of their gathered information, he/she can work on his/her research.
  • Everyday an Odontologist deals with different kinds of people and cases, an Odontologist must be good in communicating for easy transactions of conversations and collecting ideas and evidences.
  • He/she must have patience in waiting for results and judgments regarding your works. In doing also researches, an Odontologist must have long patience in gathering data.
  • He/she must go on every details in conducting researches. This is very important to testify that your client is innocent.
  • An Odontologist must have full trust to his/her self. This can help in having researches, trusting your client’s testimony and your ability.
  • An Odontologist must be a positive thinker. This is very important in having a successful research and in order to give appropriate data and evidences.

Educational Requirements of an Odontologist

  • This profession needs a person who graduated with a bachelor’s degree. To be more specific you must be a graduate of a dental school.
  • You must show your license that you have worked or practiced dentistry.
  • It is also required that you have passed the exam given to a person who wants to be an Odontologist, particularly the National Board Dental Examination.

Occupation and Progress of an Odontologist

This profession needs a person who is honest towards his/her work and to the people who trusted him/her. We all know that this job is full of pressure from the people who are expecting your success.

To become a professional Odontologist you must be responsible enough for the things given to you. Every time there are many unpredictable happenings that you can’t conclude, you must always be prepare.

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