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Brewmaster Job Description

While you are drinking that beer in your local bar, did it ever cross your mind about how great it would be if you were the one who made that beer? A Brewmaster is the only one who has the right to brag about it. This job may sound fun but it still entails a lot of responsibility to produce good quality products.

For one to be called a Brewmaster, you should know that this does not happen overnight. Here’s your guide to the path of becoming a Brewmaster.

What is a Brewmaster?

A Brewmaster is the one responsible for duties that are related to beer making. These include making one of a kind beer recipe, preparing beer mixtures and keeping an eye on fermenting process. They are important in controlling the quality of the products.

Duties of a Brewmaster

  • A Brewmaster is the one who set right machine controls to control conditions such as temperature, pressure and material flow. They examine the flow of material and instruments with the like of pressure gauges, indicators, temperatures and meters to guarantee the finest processing condition.
  • A Brewmaster also pays visit to farms to choose raw ingredients like barley, grain, yeast and hops. Then he would have to test the recipe that he made. This would require him to clean the needed equipments since one of the factors for a better tasting beer is using clean equipments.
  • Brewmasters also check the samples to make sure that the texture, consistency, dryness and cleanliness of the product is at its best. This process takes a long time since they want to make sure that they will produce the best beer.
  • Brewmasters are the one who supervise staff and finances of a brewery. They are responsible of the day to day operation of the brewery where they work.

Work Condition of a Brewmaster

  • A Brewmaster regularly work in a factory-like atmosphere. They work in rough temperatures since the brewing place is hot that is caused by the steam coming from the brew and a storage area which is refrigerated where they frequently have to enter.
  • The running machinery also makes the brewing area noisy and slippery. Brewmasters also travel from time to time to farms and other branches of their company. They usually work forty hours a week or more and may have to work in weekends.

Educational Requirements of a Brewmaster

  • This job requires training in Brewmaster Schools. There are a number of schools that offer training with college classes in chemistry and mathematics. Though it is not essential but having a college degree is great advantage for you to get this job.

Occupation and Progress of a Brewmaster

  • Brewmasters can find a job in a brewery. You don’t have to work in a large company to be successful. If you have the skill of a Brewmaster you can stay at home and be a home brewer. This is where almost famous companies began.

This is a rewarding job especially when you hear the feedbacks from consumers on how they love the beer you made. Usually Brewmasters are on the lower scale but when the recipe they made wins in a beer festival, your pay scale may quickly increase.

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