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Freight Manager Job Description

People can communicate wherever they are in the globe. Products are also sold throughout the world without putting up stores in particular countries. All there is to know is the logistics available in the area and the transaction is a sure go. Such logistics is important in transferring not just of goods but of the emotion attached to it when a family person sends to his family in another country. A freight manager has this accountability on his shoulder.

What is a Freight Manager?

A Freight Manager is someone who manages the fast and efficient flow of goods from the sender to the receiver. This kind of job, sometimes named as logistics manager, is responsible for the delivery of products from documents, consumable goods and non-consumable goods among others. Such job is needed to ensure the people or companies wanting to send or receive products from a distance can send or receive such good no matter the gap between them.

Duties of a Freight Manager

  • A Freight Manager is required to have extensive knowledge on all modes of delivery such as trucking, airline, shipping or train. He is responsible in handling the transportation of products from the sender to the receiver.
  • A Freight Manager is updated with the latest whereabouts of the goods needed for delivery; wherein delays are included so as to inform both the receiver and sender of the status of their shipment. In cases of such delays, the freight manager can solve such concerns to boost customer service.
  • It is the duty of the freight manager to exactly know the schedule of shipments in a daily basis, the number of goods to be delivered and the delivery modes used, and the warehouse utilized for overnight transfers essential in international shipping. With this, the freight manager must be familiar with the corresponding fees like international tariffs, warehouse storage charges and weight costs.
  • It is a task of the Fright Manager to work with other departments of the company especially the sales and marketing teams to be in the know of availability of products and services, back orders, shortages and customer special requests.

Work Condition of a Freight Manager

A Freight Manager is part of the operations of a logistics company wherein a 24 hour operation is sometimes required. Shifting schedules may take place and can involve long hours of work. He is stationed at a freight forwarder’s office.

This managerial position calls for close teamwork with the production team he supervises to guarantee that schedules are met or even done ahead of time. He also needs to have a great customer service skill, an exceptional manager who can think on his feet and can decide on his own. This job demands the freight manager to be organized, resourceful and motivated. If this position has international transactions, learning a new language may also be asked of the manager.

Educational Requirements of a Freight Manager

To become a Freight Manager, one must have a bachelor’s degree in business management, logistics, or other related course. Most often the one who lands this job is someone who has experience and with this industry for quite a number years from an entry level position to the managerial position.

Occupation and Progress of a Freight Manager

A Freight Manager is a management position and can progress into higher managerial positions or top level positions in a company; though demand is slow as this kind of business has been in the society for a while. Since this is a managerial job, a Masters degree will be an advantage to go up the corporate ladder. Trainings and seminars that will enhance the knowledge and skills of the freight manager is also one way of progressing in this position.

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