Curriculum Director Job Description

Becoming a curriculum director entails many tasks to be performed. They are considered as very important person in the education industry since they are the ones who plan and manage the course or subjects that the students will learn. This job is one big and great opportunity since it involves you to be response and responsible to whatever task you are undertaking. The learning of the students depends on what you offer. The curriculum directors plan, provide, implement on the curriculum the teachers will follow and use in their classrooms. If you think you can handle the pressure and stress of a curriculum director and you have that passion to help the students in this way, then this job is a perfect job for you.

What is a Curriculum Director?

A curriculum Director is also known as instruction coordinators, curriculum developers or specialist. The aim and goal of a curriculum director is to provide and implement an effective and efficient curriculum that the teachers will be using to their students to value. They are also responsible for providing guidance and instruction as to what curriculum to follow in teaching in pre-school, high school, college. They are the one’s who are updated to new trends and studies on instructional methods. Every curriculum director aims to have a higher education level and high standard learning that is why they are doing all their best to provide and create the best curriculum that fits the needs of their students and teachers.

Duties of a Curriculum Director

Since the job of a curriculum director entails a huge range of responsibility, they have specific duties to attend to. These duties are indeed their tool in order to be guided as to what curriculum they must provide to their students and teacher.

  • They select textbooks that fit to the curricula they have. It must contain all the necessary facts and information that can aid the students in his or her studies. A curriculum director also asks from the school board about his or her decision before granting to be released.
  • They are also the ones who provide training on the text instructions that they will need to apply in the school.
  • It is also the duty of a curriculum director to update him or herself on the latest trend in teaching instructions so the teachers can utilize them from the students.
  • Assess the school program if it has conformed the school rules and regulations. Make sure that the desired goals of the school are met. In large school these task may be delegated to other staffs or school coordinators.

Education of a Curriculum Director

If you aspire to be a curriculum director, you must at least have a master’s degree. A license requirement is also essential but varies among each state. Curriculum directors have teaching experiences for all subjects. A typical director of curriculum must possess a degree in education too. They must also have continuing education, training and seminars to expand more their knowledge on planning and implementing curriculum.

Work Condition of a Curriculum Director

Curriculum Directors work in schools, colleges or universities. They work like a typical instructor. They work in school days, takes off during weekends if there are no classes.

Remuneration of a Curriculum Director

For a curriculum director, they earn an average of 41 000 USD – 60 000 USD, and bonuses of 5 000 USD.

In a job like this it is very important that you know what your responsibilities are. It is not easy to plan, create, and implement curriculum especially if there are hundreds or thousands of individuals or students who rely on the curriculum that you will be imposing for the to really be knowledgeable and be prepared for their future. If you really have the heart to do this, then this is one job for you.

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