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Laboratory Technician Job Description

As a fast-growing society, one of the in-demand professionals today, is laboratory experts. They are called laboratory technicians, scientists and clinical technicians. But we are only about to discuss on a laboratory technician since the demand for expert lab technicians is quietly rising from ten to twenty percent.

Interested now? Here is some information for to know more about them and their work.

What is a Lab Technician?

A laboratory or lab technician is in charge for organizing lab results to be interpreted and studied by a medical staff and in keeping up lab records and apparatus.

Duties of a Lab Technician

  • Lab technicians are accountable for lab-based assignment that includes analyzing, sampling, recording, measuring and interpreting results in biological and chemical phases.
  • A lab technician is educated to work with and handle contagious material and samples. They are protected with goggles, gloves and masks to stay in good health in times that they are exposed longer in laboratory.
  • Typical occupations of a lab technician are to perform laboratory tests and procedures assigned to them by their head staff, sets-up the lab apparatus for sample examinations, organizes samples and trace results, keeps up the cleanliness in the laboratory in accordance with general lab practices and procedures.
  • A lab technician also ensures that equipments and apparatus on the lab are complete.

Work Condition of a Lab Technician

  • Some lab technicians are assigned in hospitals, others are in a national lab, public health labs, biomedical corporations and schools, pharmaceutical business and even on Armed Forces.
  • A lab technician is mostly on laboratory performing some tests and don’t often face with patients. They often work forty hours a week and that is sometimes day shift or night shift.

Educational Requirements of Lab Technician

  • Some of the requirement needed for a lab technician is to have a degree on whichever Math or Microbiology or other related to the two courses stated. But to have a better opportunity, you should have a four-year degree in Biology and Medical Technician is greatly considered. Lab technicians must be brilliant in studying tests and have an advanced knowledge in using computers.
  • For other option, he or she must also have at least a Vocational Diploma on Bachelor’s Degree in Medical Science.
  • To have a greater chance to be qualified, you must also be well experienced in instrumentation and has a sufficient understanding in general testing methods.

Occupation and Progress of a Lab Technician

  • A lab technician with past work experiences has a better opportunity of having high salary than those who don’t have past work experiences. Their salary can reach up to thirty three thousand dollars per year. Aside from having great salaries, they also have opportunity on having compensated vacations and holidays, health insurance and life plans.
  • Lab technicians can also be given a certificate from a training hospital or an associate degree from a public college. Armed Forces can also teach them.

But before this, we must always remember that success depends on our determination and eagerness on whatever field we are interested in.

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