Museum Curator Job Description

by Publishing Team on April 28, 2011

We all know that a museum is a place where you can find a collection of artifacts. A museum has many important things in science and historical significance that are arranged and presented in public. In a museum, we can see museum curators. These persons are one of the major characters important people inside a museum.

What is Museum Curator?

Person who supervises the collected works of a museum is called the museum curator. A museum curator performs related researches and organizes, develop and manage the museum collections. A curator is required in all types of museum. Museum curators are usually involved in valuable document which focuses in cultural specimen. This person typically deals with art or coins which is a type of historical collection.

Duties of a Museum Curator

  • A museum curator displays, catalogs and plans a collection of items.
  • A museum curator obtains some collection items in their hand.
  • A museum curator is the person who examines the items in order to determine the authenticity and condition.
  • A museum curator maintain and keep records regarding all of the items in the collection
  • A museum curator also classify and identify specimens
  • Museum curator also arranges some conversation and re-establishment works.
  • This person usually participates and organizes display teams that may be involve in travelling or assembling networks.
  • Curators also write and lecture about collections. They also answer some public enquiries.
  • Museum curators also manage support staffs and supervise managerial duties which relates with the care and use of the collected works.

Work Condition of a Museum Curator

The working condition of a museum curator may vary. Some of the museum curators use majority of their time in providing some reference educational and support services working in public. While there are some who processes records or executes research that reduces their chance to work with the others.

There are curators who work in larger institutions that might travel far in order to assess some potential accompaniments to the collected works; carry out information in their area of proficiency. However, in smaller institutions, traveling is unusual for curators.

Educational Requirements of a Museum Curator

A museum curator typically specializes in an extensive discipline that includes art, natural history, decorative arts, anthropology, social history, technology or science. They are normally recognized inside that discipline as establishment in 1 or more precise subject area.

If one wants to become a museum curator an approval of the history and science and the atmosphere or the arts is needed. Patience in every little thing, to be able to pay such attention to every single detail is also necessary. Good communication and oral skills, broad imagination might also help.

In museum curator, a graduate in degree course of museum studies and a working experience in a museum are required.

Occupation and Progress of a Museum Curator

Tremendous rivalries of professions are in this field due to the increase of number of experienced applicants with their own master’s degree. So if one really wants to be successful in the field of museum curator, he or she must have a wide knowledge in all things especially in science and history.

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