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National Guard Job Description

In today’s chaotic society, the job for a national guard plays a vital role in maintaining peace and orderliness in a given place. Below are the important job descriptions in working as national guards.

What is a national guard?

The national guards are basically composed of people who love to serve the country, community and state on part time basis (typically 1 weekend, 1 month and 2 weeks at summer time) and obtain trainings for various future jobs in many fields.

Duties of a national guard

  • National guards mostly come from the branch of military which is otherwise known as an army national guard. They serve both state and federal and governments
  • National Guards can also be called for responding various missions from their state governors (especially on state and local emergencies like earthquakes, fires or storms) or from the President of U.S.A in order to cooperate in any missions for federal like the deployment in overseas area for the stabilization crucial operations).
  • Head of national guards should also implement and develop comprehensive retention and recruitment programs. Their job includes referring important leads regarding potential recruits to their staff, retaining them and making sure that soldiers have opportunities so as to advance for a more satisfying career and earn higher positions.

Condition of Work

This work entails a strong drive in helping maintain peace for civilians in a particular state or country. Most national guards work in the field and make sure that the missions that are given to them are adequately meet.

Educational Requirements

In order to become a national guard, a GED, high school diploma or equivalent is essential. The age requirement ranges from 17 to 42 years old. Furthermore, it is also important to meet the requirements with the weight, height and physical condition that are mostly established from the Physical Fitness Army Test Standards.

Occupation and Progress

  • The overall compensation package covers an educational funding, cash incentive, monthly paycheck, medical and retirement benefits, enlistment bonuses and other benefits.
  • Earnings in this particular job greatly depends on the person’s job, rank, level of education, active pay during duty (those that are spent during the deployment and training), drill pay (2 days and 1 weekend every month) as well as a pay for annual training (2 weeks per annum year).
  • Other benefits may include shopping discount at any military installations, referral bonus, and free travel with military planes, Veteran’s Administration or VA home loans and life insurance.

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