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Kimmeridgian is one of the best known wines in the whole world where we can find it in Burgundy, Champagne and the Loire Valley, France. Many people are addicted in wine but too much alcohol can cause dangerous diseases in our health. So we should limit drinking wine. There are also advantages in drinking wine like it can decrease the risk of certain heart diseases and can treat common cold. There are also people who are studying wine. They are called the oenologist. It sounds unfamiliar in our ears. But what is it?

What is an Oenologist?

An oenologist is an expert in the field of oenology. Oenology is the study of wine and winemaking except grape-harvesting and vine-growing. This person also studies about bottling, blending, aging and fermentation. Oenologist is also called an enologist.

Duties of an Oenologist

  • An oenologist is the one who supervises and manages the process of making wines. He/she develop new ideas and new products of wines and participate in wine business.
  • He/she coordinates with viticulturists to harvest grapes. This person is the one who decides when to harvest the grapes.
  • This person is the one who directs the grape crushing process that results to a must. After that, they put an ingredient such as yeast, sugar and sulfites and then heat the must.
  • He/she is the one who manages the work of a cellar assistant. A cellar assistant is the one who operates and maintains the machines in wine making.
  • An oenologist oversees the laboratory technicians who analyze the finished wine products.
  • Oenologist keeps the production records, labeling the wine bottle, and selling the products to distributors and customers.

Work Condition of an Oenologist

  • An oenologist works in a wine factory.
  • There are many processes and operations that an oenologist will do so he/she should know how to balance his/her time in work.
  • This person works in a well-ordered laboratory and also in wine cellars.
  • Cellars should be washed everyday to maintain cleanliness and should have a good physical condition. This person also spends time with viticulturists outdoors.
  • He/she must also be aware in chemicals involving the process in making wine and keep the laboratory safe.

Educational Requirements of an Oenologist

To be an oenologist you should obtain a bachelor’s degree in viticulture and oenology. Having these courses can give you knowledge in making wines. Also, a food science degree that is related to oenology can also help in studying wines. You should also have a background in business and marketing because you are also in charge of selling the wines to distributors. Knowledge of grape varieties is also needed.

Occupation and Progress of an Oenologist

Being an oenologist is an interesting profession like learning about making wines which one of our favorite drinks whenever there are occasions. There are a lot of processes and procedures that you need to learn and also chemicals that you need to mix.

If you want to be a successful oenologist, you should have the determination and courage in yourself that everything is possible if you just believe in yourself.

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