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Sales Specialist Job Description

The sales specialist sells a product or service for a company he/she works with.

The Primary Objectives of a Sales Specialist:

  • The Sales Specialist primary objective is to sell products or service of his/her company at a given location.
  • The Sales Specialist primary objective is do sales on foot or by phone.
  • The Sales Specialist primary objective is to demo the products or service they are offering.
    • The Sales Specialist usually performs activities that involve selling, ordering, as well as the overall management of sales that deals with particular merchandise or service that needs comprehension of a distinctive and/or specialized nature. The activities involve in the sales other than selling are researching and employing the knowledge of highly technical products and service that are suitable to their particular needs. The Sales Specialist has the responsibility of ordering specialized products or service. Current specialists have to supervise their subordinate sales staff in their areas of expertise as well as exercising judgment within the areas of specialized knowledge.

      Sales specialists are normally given territories as their assignments and this is given by their manager. They almost always have pitches when meeting with a client. There are Sales Specialists that work in the office using phones, and there are others who do sales calls on foot. Sales Specialists’ job is to persuade clients to purchase their products or service as well as persuading the clients that their product or service is better than other competitor. There are times that they do a demonstration of the products or service they are selling. Sales specialists work longer hours and even odd hours just to connect with their clients.

      Sales specialists need to be driven, presentable, flexible, organized, professional and energetic. They should be friendly in order to make the client feel comfortable. Sales Specialists should be computer literate. The job also circles around numbers, and thus, Sales Specialists sometimes need to be respectable mathematicians. Communication is very critical here and Sales Specialist must be expert communicators. He/she must have a solid grasp of the products/service he/she is selling, together with the knowledge of the competition.

      The Sales Specialists knowledge requirements

      • The Sales Specialist must coordinate all activities of his/her subordinates.
      • The Sales Specialist must inform and assist clients about the technical features of the merchandise and is capable of demonstrating the merchandise’s use upon request.
      • The Sales Specialist must identify the need for materials and merchandise; the criteria to select the vendor in procuring particular merchandise as well as meeting the identified criteria like price, quality, quantity, delivery date, and places orders.
      • The Sales Specialist must coordinate the activities with the purchasing that meets the needs of the organization or person involved.
      • The Sales Specialist must plan special promotions, advertising, and event marketing.
      • The Sales Specialist must sum up the total prices and tax on merchandise selected as well as calculate the discounts if appropriate.
      • The Sales Specialist must compile and track the sales data for evaluation.
      • The Sales Specialist must have the knowledge about merchandising techniques for specialized and/or technical products.
      • The Sales Specialist must have the knowledge in product selection as well as purchasing.
      • The Sales Specialist must have the skill to deal with the public.
      • The Sales Specialist must have the skill in the preparation and analysis of complex and technical specifications.

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