Legal Counsel Job Description

by Publishing Team on April 18, 2011

Ignorance of the law excuses no one. Even an ordinary people should know his rights and limitations. That is why law is created. When it comes to legal matters, the one person that we can turn to is the legal counsel. Who are they anyway? Let’s get to know them better.

What is a Legal Counsel?

Legal Counsel is a person who offers the organization with legal services, counsel and representation for any legal issues and concerns to the organization as long as it is governed by Human Right principles. They are the ones who analyze issues, ordinances and decisions that affect the organization and the law.

Duties of a Legal Counsel

Legal Counsel handles a lot of functions and duties and this include the following:

  1. They implement legal proceedings that can affect the rights and obligations of the organization.
  2. They review and evaluate legal documents such as contracts, license, sales, real estate and a lot more.
  3. They are the ones who apply for registration of certain products, services and trademarks of the organization.
  4. They gather and collect data use as evidence and for decision making.
  5. They examine the legal information gathered and evaluate whether they prosecute or defend it.
  6. They conduct pretrial procedures for to defend the organization if they are facing any law cases.
  7. They examine advertisements and any documents for legal implications.
  8. They perform trial and advisory jobs.
  9. They represent the organization in front of any administrative agencies of the National government.
  10. They discuss with other law counsel to established and verify groundwork needed for legal counselling.
  11. They advise the officials on any government policies, tax laws and other legal issues.
  12. They prepare business contracts, settle issues; pay taxes and handles legal matters.
  13. They advise the business for any transactions they had including internal affairs and corporate relationship.

Work Condition of a Legal Counsel

Legal Counsel is usually confined in their own offices and work for normal business hours from Monday through Friday. They have a secretary and other legal assistants who are working longer hours. For some legal counsel who works for bigger companies they may be required to travel to different company locations to discuss legal matters.

Educational Requirements of a Legal Counsel

Legal Counsel need to possess a bachelor law or at least a 3 year law degree from any accredited law schools or universities and specialize in a particular law field. They need to pass the law bar exam and have an experience in private law firms or legal experience for at least 5 to 10 years. They need to have a comprehensive knowledge on legal matters from employment, property, governance and business matters.

Occupation and Progress of a Legal Counsel

The career growth of legal counsel varies from different situations. It depends largely on the staffing needs, performance and trends on the economy. A legal counsel who is effective and skillful can be promoted to a general or senior counsellor. Their income may also vary from company and industry that they are working but this can be $200,000 to $500,000 yearly.

Legal Counsel can be your starring career if you love to handle disputes and work justice in every legal matter that you can encounter. This promises a good future because they earned good enough for legal services that they offer. Now that you know their background, you know already who to seek help when your rights are violated.

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