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Home Health LVN Job Description

Nowadays, there has been a noted increase in the demand for health care professionals in different parts of the world. One of the most eminent fields in health industry is a home health care. This is a form of health support and medical assistance that is exceptionally designed to take good care of the sick and injured individual within their own homes without the necessity of going into a health institutions.

What is a home health LVN?

Home health LVNSs or otherwise known as licensed vocational nurses are part of health professionals who are responsible in providing health interventions within a home-based setting.

Duties of a home health LVN

  • A home health licensed vocational nurse or LVN inspects the assigned patient’s room environment for any possible dangers or hazards.
  • LVNs provide various health care interventions at home and provide health education the patients, families and caregivers living with the patient regarding the patient’s current status and health needs.
  • Home health LVNs monitors the vital sign of their patient such as BP, pulse rate, oxygen saturation, temperature and respiration rate. They also provide changing of wound dressings, administer injections, and provide alcohol rubs and back massages. In some areas, a home health LVN is permitted to hook intravenous fluids and any other medications.

Condition of Work of a home health LVN

  • Home Health LVNs work with patients suffering from injuries and diseases at their own home. Some LVNs work about 40 hours weekly. However, part-time job in a home health field can be possible.
  • In contrary to working in a large health care facility or in the hospital, vast home health care LVNs only work at daytime shift, though in some other cases dependent patients require round the clock health home care which requires nighttime duty and weekends.

Educational Requirements of a home health LVN

In order to become an LVN, it is essential to obtain an accredited 1 year LVN training program offered at vocational schools and medical training colleges. After accomplishing the training, LVNs must take and pass a state exam which is termed as NCLEX-PN in to gain a license to work eligibly.

Occupation and Progress of a home health LVN

Having a career as a LVN can guarantee quick employment as the particular nursing field is still in high demand up to the present. According to the US Bureau of Labor and Statistics, LVNs get an average salary from home health care field about $47,000 per annum.

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