LVN Instructor Job Description

by Publishing Team on April 18, 2011

Hospitals and any other health facilities require a great number of staff so as to carry out medical operations. There are several nursing careers to choose from. However, if you want higher earnings, then becoming a nursing instructor is something to consider.

What is an LVN instructor?

LVN or licensed vocational instructors are registered nurses (RN) who work at any nursing schools or vocational colleges. These health care professionals are responsible in providing student nurses with the required education in order to become LVNs or licensed vocational nurses.

Duties of an LVN instructor

  1. LVN instructors should work in an accredited nursing college or vocational schools and they should be aware on the specific requirements to become a licensed vocational nurse.
  2. LVN students are taught on subjects like pharmacology, biology, anatomy and physiology and basic care procedures in the nursing field. The LVN students should be taught on several nursing procedures that are within clinical setting.
  3. A LVN instructor is responsible in looking for all educational materials that are needed so as to effectively teach its students on proper nursing techniques.
  4. Nursing instructors are responsible in testing their students through giving tests and exams in order to evaluate and know if the student made a progress at school or not. They should also be frequently available especially after classes in order to provide extra assistance to their students.

Condition of Work of an LVN Instructor

LVN instructors are mostly found at any nursing schools, community colleges and vocational or technical schools that offer accredited licensed vocational nurse training program. These professionals are expected to possess sound knowledge with nursing skills and theories in order to impart appropriate knowledge and skills to their students.

Educational Requirements of an LVN Instructor

  • In order to become a LVN instructor, you must gain at least 3 years of work experience and obtain an associate’s degree in the field of nursing from an accredited nursing institution.
  • The nursing instructor must also have skill in computer works such as Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Office Word and Microsoft PowerPoint as these are very crucial during lectures and giving test.

Occupation and Progress of an LVN Instructor

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics or BLS, the demand for vocational instructors is expected to increase by 9% starting on year 2008 until 2018. The job prospects for nurse instructors are higher since the general demand for nurses is also at its peak.

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