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Painter Helper Job Description

Painter Helpers assist skilled painters by performing incidental or preparatory work such as holding or supplying tools or materials and keeping work areas and equipment clean.

They are responsible for work site preparation, transporting paints, tools and materials to job site, and setting up of ladders and scaffolding.

Nature of Work

Painter helpers provide support services to painters. They work under the supervision of lead painters while doing paint jobs, varnishing, enamelling, staining or lacquering both interior and exterior surfaces of articles. The use rollers, spray guns and rollers for this purpose. They cover surfaces of items that will not be painted using masking tape before the painting process starts. They do the same to protect areas or articles that could be stained by paint or damaged while being painted. They remove previously applied paint, and use epoxy compounds, putty or other suitable filling materials to fill breaks or cracks, nail holes and joints found in surfaces of articles to be painted. They use sanding and buffing tools, steel wool or wire brushes to smooth surfaces. They help lead painters mix paints, using the right proportions and color. Painter helpers are also responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of the work areas and the tools and equipment used in painting, making sure they are free from paint stains and debris.


Some employers require that applicants for the position of painter helper have a high school diploma or GED, and a formal training course in painting. However, most painter helpers learn through on the job training under the supervision of a more experienced painter. Painter helpers should be able discriminate between colors, matching or detecting any difference between colors they work with. They should possess a high level of skills in mixing and blending paints, and in applying those using spray equipment, rollers or brushes. They should know the different painting methods suitable for each particular painting job. They should be able to understand and execute written and oral instructions.

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