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Biologist Job Description

Do you want to be a scientist who explores the wonders of life and how certain organisms survive in their environment? If you answered yes to that, you have a great potential to become a Biologist. Want to know more what this job entails? Well, let us discuss it in details below.

What is a Biologist?

A biologist studies the source, progress, structure, and function of different plants and animals. Like agriculture and medicine, biology encompasses an extensive area within the life sciences. That is the very reason why a biologist is also called a biological scientist or life scientist.

What are the areas of specialization?

  • Biologists usually specialize in a certain area and they are recognized and named by that area of specialization and according to the kind of organism that they study. For instance, we have a biologist in the name of zoologists. They are biologists who study animals. A botanist is also a biologist who specializes in plant studies. Lastly, we have the microbiologist who works with microscopic forms of animal and plant life such as viruses, bacteria, and fungi.
  • Though there are various areas of specialization and they work in different types of organizations, biologists have one particular expertise. Most of them are skilled in basic research techniques and almost all of them are involved in research as part of their work. Most biologist employ microscopes as their partner to help them view minute tissues and organisms not clearly visible to the naked eye.

What are the education and training requirements?

  • If you are a college graduate with a bachelor’s degree in biology, you can surely get different kinds of work related to the field of biology. You have to earn it for four years. Say for instance, you can become an advance biological technician, an inspector, or a sales or service representative. You are also qualified in a teaching position in secondary schools teaching of course biology.
  • If you really want to become a biologist, you should obtain an advance degree and have a major in one of the sciences in college and undergo specialized training in life sciences in graduate schools. However, those who attained a master’s degree in the biological sciences qualify to become a teacher and can also venture in applied research. A master’s degree can be earned for at least one or two years. A doctoral degree, on the other hand, is obtained after two to four years. In order for you to keep up with the latest trends and developments in the life sciences, you should have a continuous study throughout your career.

How to get the job?

Getting a job is easy because you already have your connections with you. Your college teachers or placement office can help you find a job as a biologist or you may directly apply to companies, corporations, universities and colleges, government agencies, and scientific and medical research centers. It may also require you to pass a civil service examination before entering these institutions.

Working Condition and Salary

  • The biologists’ condition of work varies considerably from job to job and most of them spend their time in laboratories. Also, many of biologists spend some time working in offices and classrooms. Some may work in the field depending on the specialization he or she has.
  • The salary of a biologist ranges from $32,000 to $70,000, depending on the experience and education that he or she acquired.

You have to love every single thing you do as a biologist in order for you to survive in this job. If you think you have what it takes to become one, then grab the opportunity. Remember, success lies on your determination and passion and your way of realizing great things.

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