LCSW Job Description

If you love working with different people and aspire in becoming a social worker, then knowing about the job description of a LCSW is essential.

What is a LCSW?

The LCSW abbreviation stands for a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. These are persons who generally hold a Master’s degree in the field of Social Work. Their work includes providing social services in the vast field of public and medical health, children and families or persons experiencing any mental health and substance abuse.

Duties of a LCSW

  • The Licensed Clinical Social Worker or LCSW is responsible in counseling clients helping them to gain access to various resources and helping clients to confront issues that are negatively affecting their way of living such as poverty, abuse, mental health and addiction.
  • A licensed clinical social worker is responsible in interviewing families, individuals and groups. They assess the needs as well as develop appropriate response plans for their clients.
  • They refer clients to community services or any health care professional. LCSW should also coordinate responses on civic groups, governmental, religious and other organizations.
  • Oftentimes, they help people in accepting various situations with emphasis on events that can’t be changed. They mostly work with under classes which include homeless, mentally ill and chronically unemployed.

Condition of work

  • A wide variety of workplaces is available for a licensed clinical worker such as public, private and non-profit organizations with a great number of job opportunities in urban areas.
  • A licensed clinical social work usually takes place in hospitals, residential facilities, homes of clients and offices.

Educational requirements

Some health and medical organizations allow social workers to practice with bachelor’s degree in social work. However, most health institutions and mental health facilities require candidates with a graduate degree in social work. Clinical positions also require additional certification or licensing after 1 or 2 years of the internship completion.

Occupation and Progress

  • Employment opportunities for LCSW professionals are expected to greatly boost on the next decade, according to the United States, Department of Labor.
  • According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics or BLS, a licensed clinical social worker can gain an average salary of $41,920. Furthermore, according to the NASW or the National Association for Social Workers, the highest salary of social workers earns higher than $70,000 per annum and mostly has Master’s degrees in social work, employed in urban areas and is male persons with employment in private practices.

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