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IV Pharmacist Job Description

Due to technological advancement of the world many of us tend to forget the importance of our health. We just always think to the latest gadgets and technologies which satisfy human wants. Through this, many people get sick because of abusing its capacity. Many kinds of disease sprout out which medicine doesn’t anticipated. People who get sick consult their doctors to cure its illness which doctor gave them prescription on what medicine to take. The importance of pharmacist will be introducing through the doctors prescriptions. They are the one who have the authority to give medicine to the patients. It sounds weird yet it’s true.

What is an IV Pharmacist?

The IV pharmacist is just normal pharmacists that are health professionals whose expertise is to help people understand what medications they are taking, how they help, and how it reacts. They are the one who give out information and counsel patients on over-the-counter drugs. Pharmacists also participate in disease-state management, which they optimize and monitor the drug therapy with the help of physicians and other health professionals. Their areas of expertise are the critical source of medical knowledge in clinics, hospitals, medical laboratories and community pharmacies around the globe.

IV pharmacist is they have the certification in Infusion Pharmacy which they have a specialized area that provides the pharmacist with another level of expertise which allows them to stand out. In this kind of specialization allows pharmacist performing medications using intravenous. This kind of therapy commonly performed through infusion includes antibiotics, chemotherapy, parental nutrition, pain management and many others.

Duties of an IV Pharmacist

  • Their main task is to prepare the medications which may include emulsions, liquids, ointments and powders and for intravenous mixing or compounding procedures.
  • An IV Pharmacist they filling up prescription items, as allowed by the State Board of Pharmacy
  • They are also assigned to do inventory, arrange orders for drugs and supplies, checks them upon the arrival, stock shelves and replaces items nearing expiry.
  • They are the key in prescription information in order to produce labels. They are assigned in labeling products properly that may consist of auxiliary or cautionary labels.

Work Conditions of an IV Pharmacist

IV Pharmacist work in a clean places, well-lighted, and well-ventilated areas due to its meticulous job. They spend workdays by their feet when working with sterile or dangerous pharmaceutical products, they also wear gloves, masks and other protective equipment. Full-time IV pharmacist work around 40 hours a week and about 10 percent work more than 50 hours. Community and Hospital pharmacies are open in extending hours of work that’s why they required working at nights, weekends and even holidays.

Educational Requirements of an IV Pharmacist

To be an IV Pharmacist you should be a registered pharmacist and complete the module program. Requirements for becoming registered pharmacist which include graduation from an accredited College of Pharmacy as well as holding an active license in the state in which pharmacy practices. Having all this requirements you can now take a certification programs for IV Pharmacist, taking 7 modules which covers various topics, including operations and reimbursement and 27 hours of continuing education.

Occupation and Progress of an IV Pharmacist

This kind of job is highly in demand due to the increase of rate of population which means an increase of number of patients also. They are also highly inclined in drug prescription drugs, new discoveries on drugs, and cost cutting of pharmacies as they do their job. Having this kind of job is more advantage to others according to some surveys which lead to its popularity and its usefulness in the field of medicine.

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