Oracle DBA Job Description

Due to an increase hacking level and sensitive nature of stored data, security as well as disaster recovery has become a vital aspect of an oracle database administrator. Below is the job description of an oracle DBA administrator.

What is an oracle DBA?

Oracles DBA (database administrator) is responsible in supporting oracle databases and ensure their availability, performance and security.

Duties of an oracle DBA

  • An oracle DBA is responsible in providing analysis to their team or service management in order to make adequate informed decision regarding the resource management.
  • Oracles DBA are also tasked in problem escalation to their oracle development team, 3rd parties, maintenance and improvement of databases which include upgrades and rollout. They implement and release some database changes that are submitted by their development team. They ensure performance and availability of the oracle databases which generally support their system.
  • An oracle DBA works with its team so as to ensure their associated hardware resources are well-allocated to their databases and promote optimum performance and high availability. They also monitor their system database in order to make sure that services are secured with a minimum downtime.
  • Oracle database administrators utilize some database software in order to manage and store information. They usually set-up databases system and make certain that the systems run efficiently. They make sure that the data stored is regularly backed-up, effectively stored and secure the data from any unauthorized access.

Condition of Work

Oracle database administrators mostly work in well-lit and well ventilated work settings. They may also work in long hours depending on the system they are working. A good skill in computer science is essential in this type of career.

Educational Requirements

  • In order to become an oracle database administrator, aspiring candidates are required to earn a bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems or MIS or Computer Science. A sound knowledge regarding business function is also essential as well as the ability to interact with other personnel in a certain company both in technical and non-technical positions.
  • Oracle DBS often have their certification for programs in database software. Oracle DBS certification is a famous database certification programs which is mostly preferred by vast employers. Another great certification is the MCDBA or the Microsoft Certified Database Administrator or MCDBA which is one of the highest paid technical certifications.

Occupation and Progress

Oracle database administrators often get a promotion as senior database administrators as well as MIS Manager. Job prospects for oracle database administrator are expected to grow due to the wide availability of technological innovation in different parts of the world.

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