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MRI Technician Job Description

In contemporary society, technological advancements are continually at its peak including the production of advanced medical equipments. With this, the demands for operators are also increasing. There are different medical technicians in the wide arena of medicine that operate vast equipments. One common operator is the MRI technician or Magnetic Resonance Imaging technician.

What is MRI technician?

The MRI technician (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) is a medical professional responsible in operating Magnetic Resonance Imaging or MRI machine in order to take specific pictures of any affected tissues and structures and tissues in a human body.

Duties of MRI technician

  • An MRI technician’s duty includes detected various problems that are related to the organs of the human body. Magnetic resonance imaging machine serves as an important tool for doctors in order to detect structural and tissue problems.
  • The magnetic resonance imaging scanner is a machine that is in a donut shape with an interior tunnel where patient is comfortably placed. As patient lies on the MRI table, images of the internal body are taken using radio waves. The pictures are then placed into 3 dimensional or 3D images so as proper medical diagnosis of the condition can be submitted.
  • The MRI technician understands and follows physician orders and explains various MRI procedures to the patients in order to relieve any anxiety.
  • The MRI technician is also responsible in changing image parameters as well as selecting software options in adjusting MRI scanner.
  • MRI technicians are responsible in operating the magnetic equipments, preparing and guiding their patients regarding different procedures.

Condition of Work

Most of MRI technicians are employed at hospitals, clinics and diagnostic imaging centers. They should be fully knowledgeable regarding proper handling of MRI equipments in a professional way.

Educational Requirements

  • If you aspire to become a MRI technician, the initial way to start is to focus on science and math at school.
  • A high school diploma or a GED is also required. Most employers require candidates with at least 2- years’ degree in radiologic technology from an accredited MRI school of technicians.

Occupation and Progress

The wage of an MRI technician depends upon work experience, location of the job and the employer. The average salary for MRI technician is about USD 65,000 per annum. The salary is expected to increase in the upcoming years as there has been a few employed MRI technicians.

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