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MWBE Coordinator Job Description

MWBE stands for Minority and Women Business Enterprises. It is a nonprofit institution with various missions in educating, mentoring, assisting and seeking great opportunities for the benefit of minorities and businesses owned by female.

What is a MWBE Coordinator?

A MWBE coordinator is a person who supervises in the MWBE (minority and women business enterprise) organization. These persons are also responsible in carrying out the organization’s mission onto the local level. MWBE is a nationwide network intended for enhancing the business program for minority and women.

Duties of a MWBE Coordinator

  • The MWBE coordinator serves as liaison for the municipality host and the private sector. MWBE coordinators are responsible in mentoring and monitoring the general activities for their business development program and make sure that all the parties involved adhere to the organization’s program mission.
  • MWBE coordinators are actively participating in many events related to commercial networking through their community.
  • The MWBE coordinators act as membership developer as they look for possible ways in order to increase the membership program of their organization.
  • The MWBE coordinator is also responsible in compiling all metrics that are related to their program which includes numbers of membership, expenditures of the program and reports of information for the public and the government.

Condition of Work

A MWBE coordinator can be employed in a wide variety of workplace. They are mostly found in the office of the MWBE (Minority and Women Business Enterprise). Their work also entails a good interpersonal skill as they mostly mingle with other people so as to increase the number of membership program. MWBE coordinators should also be proficient in the regulations of the particular organization.

Educational requirements

In order to become a MWBE coordinator, the basic requirement is to submit a GED or a high school diploma. A bachelor’s degree in any related field is also an added point for obtaining this career. Some employers also require candidates with prior work experience of related field. A sound knowledge on the organization is a top notch.

Occupation and Progress

The MWBE coordinator’s job prospect is not as in demand as other occupation. The salary may also differ depending on the location of the work. According to the report from Greenville-North Carolina, the expected salary range as MWBE coordinator and some other MWBE position ranges about $43,804.80 up to $65,624.00 per annum.

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