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Artist Job Description

The occupations of an artist are divided into two categories which are fine art and applied art. The artist is someone who creates art. The fine artist creates paintings, sculptures, prints, or other artwork that is meant to be visually pleasing, provocative, or in the case of a medical illustrator, instructive to the viewer.

Primary Objectives:

  • The Artist objective is to create pieces of art work that are visually pleasing and perhaps a bit provocative.

  • The Artist who does medical illustrations must make sure that the works is instructive to the viewer.

  • The Fine Artist creates paintings, sculptures, prints or other artwork meant to please the viewer.

  • The works of the Artist is to be pleasing or informative.

Many Artists are referred to as Applied Artist as they design or make things that serve a practical purpose. These Artists create such things as ceramics and pottery. They may create rugs, jewelry or furniture that is not only pleasing to the eye but practical for use. Some Fine Artists are known as Sculptors, painters, and printmakers. Many Fine Artists work with many different types of materials while some just specialize in one type of material. The material that an Artist uses is called the medium. The painter for instance works with watercolors, oils, acrylics, tempera, or pastels. While a sculptor often carves stone or wood, models clay, or works with plaster, metals, or plastics.

The printmaker makes woodcuts, etchings, lithographs, serigraphs, or combinations of these forms. These designs are transferred onto paper when the Artist runs them through a press or screens them, in the case of serigraphs. The printmaker is able to make several copies, called “editions,” of a work of art, whereas painters and sculptors usually make one-of-a-kind works. Artists are known to utilize high-tech equipment to create visual images. The Artist of today needs to be able to use computer programs set in a manner that has software programs that can help them develop their artistic creations.

The Fine Artists try to earn a living through the sale of their work. The job of being an Artist is richly rewarding in the creations that one makes but it does not pay the bills. Unfortunately, very few Artists are able to support themselves with their art work. Most Artists find that in order to support themselves it is best to teach art in schools, colleges, universities or elementary schools. Sculptors find that in order for them to earn an income they make money by designing furniture. The painter and printmakers earn money by doing freelance illustration work. The Fine Artists sometimes gives private art lessons in order to make a living.

The Fine artist must have a natural ability to draw, use color, or sculpt; students need to hone their skills through studio courses to become Fine Artists. Students who go to Art School normally take courses in drawing, basic painting, sculpture, and printmaking. The future Artists gain more experience, they begin to develop a style and prefer a particular medium. The Artist who paints should work with all types of materials in order to find out which is preferable in order to develop their own style and format as a painter. Sculptors and printmakers may wish to branch out and explore available materials. Remember even though an Artist may work in one medium often they are able to diversify and branch out into other forms of Artistic endeavors.

Artists who were famous for their great works from our past history died in a very poor state. Today the realm of becoming an artist does not need to end for the person living in poverty. There are many ways to sell your art work. We have a group known as the “starving young artists” and the portraits or pictures are displayed locally in theatres, museums, malls etc. for sale which helps the aspiring Artist able to sell their works. Large Hotels often buy pictures to hang in their rooms that are done by some of the modern day Artists. There are many different ways that an Artist can sell their art work. Many Artists do illustrations for magazines in order to make a good income. Whatever, the Artist does they can enjoy their work and perhaps make a good living.

Degrees and Training to Become an Artist

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