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Facilities And Infrastructure Maintenance Engineer Job Description

Facilities and Infrastructure Maintenance Engineers manage the essential daily procedures that need to be followed for the prevention of unplanned downtime.

They are responsible for establishing and enforcing the best practices for all tasks and functions within the facility. They are in charge of scheduling and coordinating inspections, repairs, testing and calibration of all electrical and mechanical systems.

Nature of Work

Facilities and Infrastructure Maintenance Engineers are responsible for overseeing all preventive maintenance work on all mechanical or electrical systems of the facilities to make sure that all requirements are complied with and that impact on the business operations is minimized. They research and develop planned enhancements for future mechanical and electrical equipment acquisitions and stay abreast with new technology and procedures. Facilities and infrastructure maintenance engineers are in charge of reviewing log entries and updating the engineering staff daily. They also assist all departments in executing plans and projects for improvements, as well as monitor building systems, correct defective and inefficient operations through remedial maintenance and on time response during emergencies. They use necessary and available tools and procedures to facilitate the normal flow of activities, operations, services and information. They are involved in the selection of third party resources in responding to normal day to day work orders and emergencies. Facilities and infrastructure maintenance engineers are expected to operate existing systems for fire detection and suppression, determine sources of troubles and correct them, and follow standard safety procedures in all work areas. They handle hazardous materials, electrical circuits, solvents, refrigerants, cleaning supplies and chemicals in a manger that protects all personnel as well as properties in and around the facility. They keep and maintain daily log reports, investigate deficiencies and recommend steps to help solve problems and issues, and identify resources.


Candidates for the position of facilities and infrastructure maintenance engineers must show high level of technical competence in maintaining electrical and mechanical systems, state and federal safety regulations and controls. They should have experience in dealing with vendors and contractors in the installation, upgrade or maintenance of electrical and mechanical systems. They should have excellent written and oral communication skills and should be able to motivate, lead and create an efficient and results-oriented maintenance team. Some organizations require that candidates have Six Sigma experience.

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