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Kitchen Porter Job Description

People always compliment the chef that cooked their food. They thank the manager that allows them to have a great time in eating out. What is somehow forgotten is the person behind the upkeep of a restaurant. He is responsible for the cleanliness of the favorite place that people love to go to. He is the humble Kitchen Porter.

What is a Kitchen Porter?

A Kitchen Porter is someone who is obligated to maintain the cleanliness, hygienic work environment and assist the chefs and cooks of a commercial kitchen.

Duties of a Kitchen Porter

  • A Kitchen Porter has various duties and responsibilities to perform. His job is focused on keeping the kitchen clean at all times in order to have a hygienic environment for the chefs to work on.
  • A Kitchen Porter is responsible for the cleaning of the kitchen area wherein a regular schedule of cleaning refrigerators, ovens, grills, freezers and food preparation areas is followed.
  • It is the duty of a Kitchen Porter to handle the dishwashing using a dishwasher or washing dishes manually. With this, a Kitchen Porter is also tasked to wash table cloths, aprons and kitchen towels if necessary wherein a commercial washing machine with dryer is used.
  • Commercial kitchens may require a Kitchen Porter to clean dining tables, comfort rooms and bar service areas. Janitorial work may also be included such as mopping and sweeping of floors, cleaning up of floor drains and trash removal.
  • A Kitchen Porter may also be responsible to receive and store food deliveries as well.
  • In some commercial kitchens, a Kitchen Porter is also tasked to handle food in order to assist the cooks in preparing the ingredients needed. This involves the cutting of vegetables, putting on serving plates the ingredients for appetizer, and providing food ingredients to the line cooks when they are cooking at the grills or ovens.

Work Condition of a Kitchen Porter

The kitchen is the working area of a Kitchen Porter. This kitchen may be found at restaurants, hotels, hospitals and any other establishments with commercial kitchens. A Kitchen Porter works at least 40 hours a week including weekend and holidays depending on the schedule given.

This position demands the Kitchen Porter to be physically strong and healthy as the work can involve carrying heavy and big kitchen wares. A Kitchen Porter must be able to work with a team especially under a supervisor. A Kitchen Porter must be able to handle the pressure to maintain the cleanliness of the kitchen and is meticulous enough to achieve the cleanliness standard. The love for food is an added element in being a Kitchen Porter as the work is restricted to the kitchen.

Educational Requirements of a Kitchen Porter

In order to become a Kitchen Porter, a high school diploma is the minimum requirement. Cleanliness as a person is an added factor as the work is mostly on cleaning and being clean. A certification in food handling may be needed especially when a Kitchen Porter is tasked to handle food in assisting the chefs and cooks.

Occupation and Progress of a Kitchen Porter

There is a constant demand for this kind of job as commercial kitchens need the services of a kitchen porter. A kitchen porter is necessary in the success of a restaurant or eatery. For a Kitchen Porter to progress in this position, he must be hardworking, a team player and have enough experience to be able to move up to become an assistant chef. To become an executive chef or owning a restaurant is the ultimate goal of a kitchen porter.

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