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Building Or Facility Assistant Job Description

Building or Facility Assistants usually work under the supervision of a facilities manager. They assist in maintaining office buildings and all their systems and grounds.

Their duties typically include changing light bulbs, fixing broken office chairs and desks, ensuring fire safety, controlling and regulating the HVAC system, assisting with maintaining the elevator and attending to outdoor building maintenance,

Nature of Work

Building or facility assistants are responsible for providing assistance to tenants and the daily operations of the apartment building, senior housing or condominium. They help perform minor repairs of furniture, flooring or carpet, and assist in making minor moves. They help hang pictures and white boards when needed. They coordinate with the helpdesk and clients concerning jobs when required. They also coordinate with contractors and sub-contractors if necessary. They facility assistants are in charge of sorting and delivering mail every morning, as well as collecting mail in the afternoon, readying them for collection. They regularly check meeting rooms and help arrange the furniture and other necessary things for scheduled meetings. They make sure that all equipment and supplies are available such as water coolers and coffee machine, and order replenishment when needed. The keep records of all deliveries and arrange for courier service when necessary.


Most employers prefer candidates with a high school diploma or GED. Facilities assistants must possess good communication and interpersonal skills, being able to interact well with others. They should have general DIY and mechanical ability so they can assist building tenants with maintaining their units. Some employers may also look for those with basic computer skills.

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