Logo Designer Job Description

by Publishing Team on April 20, 2011

People usually associate a company with an image. These familiar images are the representation of a business to stand out and be remembered easily by the community especially their target markets. These images are the company logos that are used to impart a message to their customers of what they do best. The logos used are crafted by the creative mind of a Logo Designer.

What is a Logo Designer?

A Logo Designer is a specialized type of graphics designer who is responsible for the creation of the logo which symbolizes a company.

Duties of a Logo Designer

  • A Logo Designer has a specialized kind of job. His profession is focused on the conceptualizing, innovating and making of a logo that is able to stand for a company.
  • It is the responsibility then of a Logo Designer to gather all the information that he needs from the client that avails his artistic abilities in order to achieve the formation of a distinct logo that will be easily associated to the company that it signifies.
  • From the data that the Logo Designer collects and analyzes, he then develops a logo design in various forms to be able to offer to the client so the client has the prerogative to choose the design that he wants and approves for the company.
  • A Logo Designer is then tasked to create alternatives of the logo chosen on the context for different media that is used by the company until the final design is considered and taken as the symbol that stands for the company.

Work Condition of a Logo Designer

For large design, advertising and publishing companies, a Logo Designer usually works in a comfortable setting which can be in the companies’ or client’s office or studio in a normal 40-hour week. While for the smaller companies or freelancers, a Logo Designer’s work schedule may depend on the time the client may need the design. With this, he may work on evenings and weekends to be able to accomplish the logo project on time.

A Logo Designer must be creative to be able to come up with unique designs that represent a company for its target market to be able to make its services part of their everyday lives. He is able to work on his own with minimal supervision, can work under pressure, great analysis and has good communication especially in dealing with clients that require his service to explain and present the logos that he has designed.

Educational Requirements of a Logo Designer

Since a Logo Designer is specialized kind of graphics design, the minimum requirement to become one is a bachelor’s degree in graphics design. A degree in liberal arts may also be acquired to be a Logo Designer but will have limited job opportunities.

Occupation and Progress of a Logo Designer

A Logo Designer is in steady demand in the business world. Companies necessitate the services of a Logo Designer in order to sustain their business especially in the rapidly changing trends. More experience, continued education and learning through training, workshops and a master’s degree on graphic design may also give a high advantage to move up in a supervisory or managerial position.

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