Some might say that being a vice president in a state is just a useless job, what more is the lieutenant governor? There are some states that don’t even bother having a lieutenant governor in their office. But what if the governor is incapacitated or away, does the lieutenant governor seems in the position to replace him? For some this maybe a useless job but being a lieutenant governor also performs other tasks that are important in the state.

What is Lieutenant Governor?

Lieutenant Governor is just like the vice-president of the United States. He assumes the responsibility and office of the Governor if he is unable to perform it. He also preside the State Senate and member of the Executive body. He also offers help and advice to the Governor regarding his policy and administration. But most of the role of a LT governor usually depends on the Governor.

Duties of a Lieutenant Governor

The following are the duties that a LT Governor performs:

  1. He just waits when to take over the governor if he is incapacitated or die.
  2. He also performs legislative duties such as handling the Senate meetings. But this also varies from one state and what the governor will assign to him.
  3. He may also oversee the homeland security issues, election proceedings and handles other concerns from tourism to finance.
  4. He may also act as the governor if he is out of the state.
  5. He is also known as the second command in line of the state.
  6. He debates and votes on certain issues as he sits in the committee.
  7. He can cast also the votes just in case the Senate is in tie.
  8. He too can sign the bills and other resolutions.

Work Condition of a LT Governor

Lieutenant Governor usually works in his office in the state capital. He too can do some community works around the state. They usually sit in the university boards and even head the government commissions. He also heads the state senate.

Educational Requirements of a LT Governor

To become a Lieutenant Governor he needs to be at least twenty five years old, citizen of United States, a resident of the state at least three years and barred from any government positions during his term. He should also reside in the Commonwealth for seven years.

Occupation and Progress of a LT Governor

As mandated by the law, a LT governor will receive compensation as mandated by the law. This will not be increased or decreased during the term of office. The Lt Governor works in the state capital and office. The salary he receives will be the same with the speaker of the house and this should be approved by the governor. The LT Governor will receive an annual pay of $131,250.

The next time you encounter the Lieutenant Governor of the state, you should be thankful that he sits in the state. For some this might be a useless job but looking behind their duties and responsibilities he too handles a lot of functions and he has the right to replace the governor of the state if he is incapable of performing his duties too. He is the better reserve if everything fails on behalf of the governor.

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