Clinical Research Coordinator Job Description

by Publishing Team on March 15, 2011

Research projects have always been a part of every student’s life. They may be still in college or even in a post-graduate school. Making one has never been easier since it consumes time, effort, and money to finish it. And unfortunately, no one will be able to finish the course until the research is passed, and defended from the panel. As much as we avoid doing research projects, surprisingly, there are few people who earn for a living on it and they are called the Clinical Research Coordinators. They do not only entertain those researches in the universities but also on companies that wanted to improve their products.

What is a Clinical Research Coordinator?

Clinical Research Coordinators are research professionals who play a main role in conducting a research. They facilitate and handle the clinical trials of the study. On the other hand, they ensure that the best interests of both participants and the researchers are protected. The Clinical Research Coordinators report initially to the Principal Investigator of the clinical study.

Duties and Responsibilities of a Clinical Research Coordinator

  • They are responsible for making protocols on the clinical trials of the study. They plot the flow and procedures of the research.
  • They are also responsible for the searching, screening and signing-up of the target participants.
  • They scrutinize and examine the devices and facilities of the laboratory where the research is done.
  • They are the ones who secure an informed consent of all the participants.
  • They set the dates of conducting the tests.
  • They train their co-workers to be competent helper and be prepared for the study.
  • They manage the collection of significant information and data. And make sure that it is precise and accurate. They also monitor the whole duration of the study.
  • They take responsibility on proper preparation and distribution medications.
  • They also secure the proper storage of the information being collected.
  • They review the data and discuss it with the statistician.
  • They prepare the final reports of the clinical research to their superior.
  • They also make inventories on the equipments and supplies.

Educational Background of a Clinical Research Coordinator

Individuals who have degree on medical related courses have bigger chances for taking this career. These degrees include nursing, medicine, anatomy, biochemistry, pharmacology, toxicology, immunology, molecular biology and many more. Those who have experienced and exposed to clinical research data work and clinical laboratory have also bigger chances of pursuing this job.

Skills and Qualifications of a Clinical Research Coordinator

  • They must have good written and oral communication skills.
  • They must be organized and has exceptional problem-solving skills.
  • They must knowledgeable about a good clinical practice.
  • They must be a keen observer.
  • They must know how to manage the participants and know how to lead and motivate them.
  • They must have an eye to the details of the clinical research.
  • They must also know how to manage good relations on their bosses, fellow workers, and the participants.

Working Conditions of a Clinical Research Coordinator

Clinical Research Coordinators work in clinical laboratories of pharmaceutical companies or laboratories of universities. Deadlines of the study make the job more stressful. Travels are also required for some studies that have far location. Self-employment and Part-time work are applicable especially for those who have wide experience.

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