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Junior Project Manager Job Description

Junior project managers are management-support associates who are responsible for the company’s project administration and support. Under the supervision of the program manager or project director, they manage the achievement of project tasks along with monitoring adherence to continuous project administration procedure standards.

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What is a Junior Project Manager?

A junior project manager is an individual who has the accountability of planning certain project and making sure that it is accomplished successfully, within the agreed cut-off date. He or she must have an excellent management knowledge to organize the entire group and as well as the customers and stakeholders.

Duties of a Junior Project Manager

  • A junior project manager usually assists in managing more than one project at a time. He / she should make sure that all the projects under his / her supervision are going to meet up the deadline. It must not happen that a junior project manager only concentrates on a single project and overlooks the others. He must have the capability to alter between different plans.
  • A junior project manager is responsible to check and look after each detail of the project assigned to his supervision. The planning procedure includes forming a group of experts required for successful achievement of the project. He or she has to explain the function of the whole plan and give the group members detailed roles. Another task of the junior project manager is to assist in planning out the resources required for the project and plan out the budget right.
  • The job of the junior project manager also includes in assisting in the development and maintenance a pleasant relationships with customers and group members. He or she must act as a bond between the two parties. One also must have the capability to deal with the company’s problems that may happen within the project group or issues with the customers. One must carry out standard meetings with group members to determine the position of the plan and also to ensure changes as well as developments, if needed, to help attain the preferred results.

Work Condition of a Junior Project Manager

Junior project managers normally spend his work days in offices having interaction among associates, executives along with his clients. To be in this area of trade, the perfect applicant must be a people person who can easily work in teams on different projects.

Educational Requirements of a Junior Project Manager

Here are the general requirements for those who are interested to apply on this profession: He or she must have a Junior Project Management Certification through either IPMA or PMI. He or she must have a complete a project management self-assessment, a written examination and a certified report on the management of a project, program, or portfolio.

Occupation and Progress of a Junior Project Manager

  • As junior project managers accomplish more work experience, they frequently become independently responsible for projects or move on to supervise larger groups on more compound projects. A number of project managers may progress to management spots and acknowledge accountability for an organization’s plan management office, while others may prefer to search for new production opportunities in a dissimilar field.

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