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Leasing Consultant Job Description

Want to acquire properties but don’t know where to seek help? Try consulting with a leasing consultant because he is the recommended person that you can talk to when it comes to land or any residential estate. Been wondering what is the nature of their job? Here are some facts of what a leasing consultant do.

What is a Leasing Consultant?

Leasing Consultant or Leasing Agent is a person who leases residential properties such as apartments, empty lot, house, condominiums and even mobile homes to tenants. They meet and interview their prospect tenants. Review their financial documents and needs and determine what house or property is quite fitted for them. They collect and complete all the lease forms and get the deposits once the lease contract has been signed by the tenant.

Duties of a Leasing Consultant

Leasing Consultant performs different duties too and these are:

  1. They deal with sales particularly on residential properties and build relationships with their prospective tenants.
  2. They need to keep updated with the trend on real estate world as well as the trends in the industry in order to determine the right price value of the property in order to guide their customers.
  3. They need to handle the administrative duties and property maintenance.
  4. They assist the needs of the current residents and find new place for residents to live in a particular community.
  5. They handle sales that emphasize more on customer service and achieving goals.
  6. They manage the sales procedure from start to finish. This involves showing the apartments, building relationships and closing the deal.
  7. They maintain good relationships with their customers by offering excellent customer service and helping the residents in their problems regarding their residential property.

Work Condition of a Leasing Consultant

They work in an office but most of the time a leasing consultant is always on the move and they are require to travel and work from different leasing properties in order to prove to their clients the quality of houses and other residential properties they are offering. They are exposed to working outside or on-site location. They also work on flexible schedules depending on their clients too.

Educational Requirements of a Leasing Consultant

To become a leasing consultant, having a college diploma is not really needed but those who receive a bachelor’s degree get more opportunities. They can opt to go for higher degrees such as MBA particularly if they are working for large companies. Other qualifications for this career are high school diploma and a few years experience on sales and marketing. They need to possess also good communications skills, networking sales and legwork to be able to withstand the work pressure. Legal knowledge is also important when it comes to documents that they need to present to their clients.

Occupation and Progress of a Leasing Consultant

The compensation of a leasing consultant varies also depending on the company they are working and location. Usually they receive a yearly income of $60,000. They too can receive a lot of benefits from life plans, vacations, leaves and health care insurance. They also receive bonuses from compensation package.

The next time you want to purchase a residential property, consult it first to a leasing consultant because they will surely provide you with the needed list of properties that you can afford to buy and suit your needs too.

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