Junior Web Developer Job Description

Social networking is the latest trend among individuals, especially youngsters. It has many uses; not only communication, entertainment, and etc. but also a means of advertisement, which prompted business industry to enter this field for endorsement through blogs and so on. To catch the viewers’ attention, they need a good visual presentation of the ads they want to endorse. Furthermore, these business companies needed experts in this field, the Web Developers, to make the ads more presentable and interesting in the eyes of the viewers. Therefore, there’s an increase in demand for these experts, the Junior Web Developers.

What is a Junior Web Developer?

A junior web developer is a profession specializing in computer applications especially in the field of web designs. It’s a profession where they make social networking user friendly and entertaining. And, a junior web developer is known for its skills designs, organization of applications, and a broad imagination.

Duties of a Junior Web Developer

A junior web developer is responsible for making/creating a unique and interesting web page design using the computer programming skills. The following are the tasks of a junior web developer:

  • provides codes and deploy of new video websites with the use of open source and existing in-house technology
  • assists in making designs and also assists in testing technical solutions
  • should create widgets for online video distribution
  • keeps existing websites functional and updated with new technology and content, and may also create new concepts
  • performs and executes plans and coding standards per protocol of the organization
  • should always advocate time management and work under deadlines
  • understands standard systems development lifecycle processes and applies our methodology effectively on client engagements
  • applies knowledge of industry trends and developments to improve service to our clients
  • actively applies feedback received to day-to-day work and strives to improve performance
  • most importantly, one should comply with all of our policies and procedures

Work Conditions of a Junior Web Developer

A junior web developer can work either in an office of a company or even at home through the use of online job sites, which is most common nowadays. Schedule and hours of work is based on the protocol of the corporation that you are applying.

Educational Requirements of a Junior Web Developer

As a junior web developer, there’s no formal educational or licensure to become one as long as you are knowledgeable or even proficient enough for that field in web designing/developing. Though, there are some schools and colleges that offer courses for web development. And it is most preferably that you undergo training regarding web development.

Occupation and Progress of a Junior Web Developer

Since this field is very wide, opportunities for junior web developers are wide in range available for them to develop and progress more in their specialized field. They could be web programmers or developers, content developer or editor, project manager, systems administrator and web designer. They can work in large and known corporations or even create your own mini-company for that field. If you are very good in communication and linkages, you may create your own social networks like Google, Yahoo or Facebook. All of that is possible if you have the determination to succeed.

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