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J.P. Morgan Analyst Job Description

J.P Morgan Chase is a global services firm with investment, research, banking, finance, insurance, and other businesses. Due to the demands of the clients all over the world the corporation needs a hard-working, efficient and competitive on the business atmosphere.

What is J.P Morgan Analyst?

They are the one who provide guidance to the businesses and making investment decisions. Analysts assess the performance of the stocks, bonds, commodities, and other types of investment activities. They also work for banks, insurance companies, mutual and pension funds, securities firms, the business media, and other businesses, making investment decisions and recommendations. They are also the one who study.

Duties of a J.P Morgan Analyst

  • They are generally focused on trends impacting a specific industry, region, or any type of product.
  • J.P Morgan analyst must understand how new regulations, policies, and political and economic trends may impact the investments they are watching.
  • They are the one who evaluate the risk in portfolio decisions, project potential losses, and to determine how to limit potential losses and volatility using diversification, currency future, short selling and investment decisions.
  • Some supervise a team of analysts and select the mix of product, industries, and regions for the company’s investment portfolio.
  • They do evaluating the ability of the companies or governments to pay their debts, including bonds.
  • They have tools to perform their tasks like spreadsheet and statistical software to analyze financial data, spot trends, create portfolio, and even develop forecasts.
  • J.P Morgan analysts use data to measure the financial risks associated with making a particular investment decision.

Work Conditions of a J.P Morgan Analyst

Most of them are working independently and spend most of their time in the office. They usually work for long hours, travel frequently to visit companies or potential investors, and face the most trembling pressures of deadlines. J.P Morgan analyst do some research which done after office hours in which their days are filled with phone calls and meetings. Those who always commit mistakes or wrong statements are unfortunately not promoted or even worst cases they are fired to the company. Their working hours of being analysts are 40 hours per week and usually they are required to extend their regular working hours to meet the demand of the company.

Educational Requirements

J.P Morgan analyst must obtain a bachelor’s or college degree which inclined to the field of finance, accounting, business, statistics or even economics. But the latest trend is now changing, as applicants who desire for a position as J.P Morgan analyst are earning a master’s degree in business administration (MBA).

Occupation and Progress of a J.P Morgan Analyst

Employment for being a J.P Morgan analyst is expected to grow much faster than the average for all other occupations. However, keen competition will still be continued for these well-paid jobs, especially to the new entrants. Despite of its growth employment they are still expected for this to have a high-paying job. This kind of services will create a new positions, but there are still more people who prefer to enter the occupation. Certifications and graduate degrees, such as a CFA certification or a master’s degree in business or finance, significantly improve an applicant’s prospectus.

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