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Electrical and Electronics Installers and Repairers Job Description

Electrical and electronics installers and repairers are Electronic Technicians and we shall refer to them in this manner throughout the job description. These Electronic Technicians install and repair electrical and electronic equipment.

Primary Objectives:

  • The Electronic Technician work with electrical equipment repairing many types of equipment.
  • The Electronic Technician usually works for private companies working on a variety of products.
  • The Electronic Technician usually works in customer service repairing and replacing electrical components.
  • The Electronic Technician must understand the principles of electronics technology.
  • The Electronic Technician gets their training from technical institutions and some community colleges. It normally takes two years of training before an Electronic Technician can become certified.

The most effective electronic components are the larger ones; however, they are the most dangerous for the Electronic Technician to work on. Many Electronic Technicians like to work in research and development in the larger companies. Electronic Technicians work in repair shops or at plants that make electronic equipment. The Electronic Technician who works in customer service usually work in people’s home or in the hospital where electronic components are used and need repair or replacement. This is one of the best ways for the Electronic Technician to get familiar with all sorts of electronic components and their functions. Some Electronic Technicians work as teachers in order to help train students who are interested in the field of electronic components. While there is a group of Electronic Technician who prefer to work as mechanical writers who prepare instruction and repair manuals in order to help those who are looking for solutions to electronic component questions. The job of repairing components takes experience as well as training so those who have that experience find by writing manuals it help those who are new in the field.

The field of Electronic Technicians is so broad that most like to specialize in one area. The Electronic Technicians need to be fully aware of the laws of electricity and electrical circuits, as well as the principles of electronics technology no matter what field they specialize in. Electronic Technician who works as repairers also may work in the production of electronic equipment. Part of their job often includes testing equipment, making sure that it meets the proper specifications. In the field of Electronics this is referred to as quality control. Electronics Technicians sometimes assemble some of the more complex electronic parts. These Electronic Technicians specialize in just assembling the more complex electronic parts that are found in manufacturing productions.

There are many Electronic Technicians who open up their own repair shops having the customer bring the smaller electronic items to them for repair. They also go out into the field and repair electronic products for places like hospitals, schools, business offices, grocery stores, any place that uses electronic products that requires a motor or parts that might need to be repaired or replace. In some situations the Electronic Technician has regular service calls that they make in order to make sure the unit is working and keeping it maintained for the owner. There are places that use big refrigerators or walk-in freezers that have to be kept going at all times so that are why the Electronic Technician must go to the client to check out the product. It is necessary at times to take along someone who can assist them because they may need to move heavy equipment or motors in order to repair.

Many Electronic Technicians become quality control managers for firms making sure that the equipment is kept in top notch condition. They also help to create new equipment when it is needed or install new equipment when it is delivered to the firm. These Electronic Technicians often go into writing manuals or teaching the trade to others who are interested in the field of electronics. The field for these types of workers the Electronic Technicians and repairers is expected to grow a bit slower over the oncoming years. The growth for their need is not as great as that as some in other fields but it is a necessary profession and will maintain an average employment growth. It is expected that the need for those who write the manuals and teach the trade will grow much quicker making their employment requirement more useful.

Degrees and Training to Become an Electrical and Electronics Installer and Repairer

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