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Office Manager Job Description

Every business industry needs a qualified office manager. It is a career that differs from day-to-day and entails great responsibility. If you love working with different people and wants to manage a company, then becoming an office manager is something to consider.

What is an office manager?

The office manager is a person who supervises the work of other staff in the office. Office managers are responsible in implementing and designing different office policies. The job of an office manager depends upon the industry he is employed with an overall responsibility of ensuring that the office runs smooth.

Duties of an office manager

  • An office manager regulates and assigns secretarial and clerical functions. Office managers delegate responsibilities among office staff and make sure that there are no office staff that is experiencing a work overload.
  • Office managers reshuffle the responsibilities with other staff members and also recruit new office staff. They are responsible in making sure that the office staffs are working properly. They determine the working condition and salary of their employees in an office.
  • An office manager manages and evaluates the work performances in each employee and provides promotion to qualified staff.
  • If the office needs more staff, an office manager oversees the procedure in recruitment and selection of new candidates. It is their responsibility to provide training and orientation to new employees regarding the policies, equipments and procedures in the office.
  • Office managers formulate training programs for their employees and create arrangements for sessions that need to be conducted. There are also times when an office manager is also included in the training.
  • An office manager is responsible in designing system filling and make sure that the systems are updated. They lay down various procedures in maintaining records and maintain the records and budgets expenses in the office. They also ensure that employee files are secured and updated and that disposal and transfer of records as are being effectively carried out.

Condition of work

The work environment for an office manager is well-lit with good ventilation. They are mostly employed at small or large business company, public or private institutions and any other industry.

Educational Requirements

A bachelor’s degree in business management is essential to get the job as office manager. College coursework involves data processing, accounting and administrative management.

Occupation and Progress

A career as an office manager is an ideal way to start a job in the business world. Job prospects for office manager is good with an average salary of about $24,769 to $58,044 including bonus and compensation, according to United States Bureau of Labor and Statistics.

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