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Appointment Setter Job Description

Appointment setters perform the administrative role in an entry-level position. They are constantly engaged to support the sales function of a business which includes contacting the cold or warm sales that is geared for the purpose of making first contact with prospective customers or clients. Part of their job is to also function as telemarketers but not actually closing a sale over the phone. In addition to that, almost all appointments setters are working in call centers and some work at home. Their jobs are usually on a part – time basis only.

Duties and Corresponding Responsibilities

The presence of an appointment setter is very vital in many companies as they are the prime generators for sale representatives. Let us discuss their duties and responsibilities one by one.

  1. Incoming Calls – this includes taking incoming calls from prospective clients or customers and they are setting appointments for a sales representative to meet with each individual.
  2. Outgoing Calls – making outgoing calls are being done by most appointment setters by way of lists made by people who express interest through websites, e – mail, or direct mail coupons or through automated dialing systems.
  3. Appointment setters may work in seasonal business. Say for example, farm insect control services contacts previous or current clients to set appointments which do not involve a sales representative.
  4. Data Entry – Encoding or entry of data is an additional duty of an appointment setter as he or she lists any appointments he or she has made throughout the day.
  5. All appointment setters’ main duty is to call a predetermined contact number of prospective clients and what they do next is to introduce them to the products or services being offered by the company. Their main objective is to set up a meeting or call between the potential customer and a member of the sales representatives.

Requirements to be an Appointment Setter

  • Potential appointment setters should possess excellent communication and interpersonal skills since they are working mainly over the phone as the first contact of clients. It is very important that the setters in behalf of their employer would portray a pleasant and professional working ethics.
  • They are required to pay close attention to details because they have the responsibility to document and provide all information needed for an appointment to happen.
  • Moreover, aspirants should conform to the standards of technical proficiency as numerous organizations employ compute – based scheduling software.
  • To become an appointment setter, a formal education is not required in which there is also no need of a high school diploma due to the fact that this job is only part – time. Because of such instance, students may also be an appointment setter to generate their own income.
  • However, in companies where an appointment setter is needed, it is required that one must have sales experience since their salary depends on commissions.

Job Opportunity and Salary Information

  • According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, there is an increase of 9 percent rate to the employment of administrative professionals between 2006 and 2016.
  • An appointment setter who is working in the United States obtains a yearly income of $25,000 apart from the commission they receive.

Being an appointment setter is very convenient to anyone who looks for a part – time profession. Whether you are bachelor’s degree holder or just a mere student, you can become an appointment setter but always keep in mind that you have to be responsible enough to perform the duties well.

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