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Apartment Supervisor Job Description

Apartment Supervisors are responsible for the daily operations of an apartment complex. They supervise the apartment’s maintenance personnel, negotiate with contractors for garbage disposal, ground maintenance, security and construction needs.

Apartment supervisors bridge the relationship between tenants and property owner. They are responsible for reporting the status of the apartment to the property owner.

Nature of Work

Apartment supervisors bring tenants to the apartment. They are in charge of showing the units to those who want to rent. They review their application, check their credit history and verify their source of income or employment. They explain the details of the rental information to prospective tenants and they may also sign the rental agreement. Some tenants may apply for subsidized housing so apartment supervisors have the duty to verify their eligibility and compliance with government standards and legislation. Some large apartment complexes have leasing consultants. It is the duty of apartment supervisors to train them on negotiating for leases and marketing. They may also handle the recruitment and training of the apartment’s staff such as the assistant supervisor and maintenance personnel. Apartment supervisors also have the responsibility to resolve issues raised by tenants concerning the terms and relationship with building personnel. They may also handle financial transactions or may lend assistance to the apartment complex’s business manager to collect rents, insurance, security deposits and maintenance fees. They are expected to regularly inspect the complex for defects and needed repairs, and arrange to resolve those issues by contracting the proper professional trades-people to do the job. They are in charge of enforcing the rules and regulations for the apartment complex and investigating tenants’ complaints. Apartment supervisors are also responsible for serving eviction notices.


The minimum academic requirement for apartment supervisors is a high school diploma, although many employers are now starting to prefer those who are college graduates, especially those with degrees in real estate, business administration or public administration. New apartment supervisors typically receive on the job training, and in some high urbanized areas, there are industry associations that offer course, both basic and advanced, in apartment management. Apartment supervisors have to be able to deal with all types of people, have the ability to communicate effectively, possess excellent interpersonal and communication skills. They should be able to read and follow instructions, have the ability to plan, organize and delegate work effectively. They should also be knowledgeable about state and federal rental housing laws, be familiar with building maintenance, and basic computer skills.

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