Licensed Clinical Social Worker Job Description

People are still unfamiliar with the roles and responsibilities of a licensed clinical social worker. If you aspire to become a clinical social worker, it is important to possess an innate driving compulsion to take care and help people.

What is a licensed clinical social worker?

A licensed clinical social worker works by helping people cope and solve problems in their day-to-day living. Social workers do this by means of providing assistance, access to different resources and guidance. A licensed clinical social worker maintains a state mandated regulations and license.

Duties of a licensed clinical social worker

  • A licensed clinical social worker deals with children, schools along with family social workers is also called a child welfare social worker. These persons work for schools or agencies that provide family services. These particular social workers serve as an advocate for children by making sure that they meet their academic and personal potential. In school, a licensed social worker serves as a liaison between children, family members and teachers.
  • Licensed clinical social workers found in public health and medical realm provides psychosocial support to clients especially those that are emotionally distress. These workers assist their clients on the different health concerns. Some social workers opt to specialize in senior care areas. They monitor and coordinate services like housing and transportation and educate the public in how to cope acute pain.
  • Licensed clinical social workers also assist people with mental disorder or those experiencing substance abuse. After the diagnosis, these professionals will decide on the appropriate treatment plan which includes social rehabilitation, counseling and outreach.

Conditions of Work

Licensed clinical social workers can work in different setting such as in school, mental health, medical institutions and in public health organizations. Their task depends on the specified workplace.

Educational Requirements

In order to become a licensed clinical social worker, you must obtain an appropriate training on the particular job. A degree in college or university with a relevant course is a big factor for a quick job employment. Job requirements usually differ from state to state. A licensed for the specialty work is an additional point in getting the job.

Occupation and Progress

Being a licensed clinical social worker entails a good interpersonal skill as well as the passion and inner drive to help others. Job prospects for social workers are expected to increase until the year 2018 due to the increase demand for health and welfare services.

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