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Lead Carpenter Job Description

In today’s modern world, a lot of companies hire lead carpenters as they play a huge impact on remodeling industries. However, most people are still unfamiliar of the specific duties of a lead carpenter.

What is a lead carpenter?

Lead carpenters are known as craftsmen with experience level and extensive skills. They have the ability in managing job sites with trade contractors and multiple employees. Lead carpenters generally involve all aspects of construction work using different wooden materials. They have a diverse work. These are individuals that are well-versed and knowledgeable in different phases of wood home construction.

Duties of a lead carpenter

  • Lead carpenters are responsible for building cabinets, framing houses and hanging sheetrock. They can also provide training for apprentice carpenters and teach carpenters’ assistants on different tasks.
  • Lead carpenters ensure customer and company satisfaction with their professional appearance, expertise in workmanship and good communication skills. They also attend all company and client meetings that are approved by their production manager.
  • Lead carpenters create critical path or any anticipated project schedule, project commencement and adjust daily schedule as necessary based on their production realities.
  • Lead carpenters must also inform their Production Manager daily regarding progress of projects which include customer concerns, needs and delays. They manage the company’s field activities, carpenter’s work as well as independent subcontractors.

Conditions of Work of a lead carpenter

  • The overall work of lead carpenters is labor-intensive. Oftentimes, a lot of repetitive heavy load lifting is done such as building equipment, building materials and other tools in carpentry.
  • Much of lead carpenters job can be performed in high elevations with a limited or small working space. According to the United States Bureau of Labor statistics, most lead carpenters work about 40 hours weekly.

Educational Requirements of a lead carpenter

In order to become a lead carpenter, you should first have a specific training on the particular job by attending to any technical schools, vocational schools and formal programs in carpentry apprenticeship which is provided by some employers. After you accomplish the training, you must first start as a carpenter apprentice and be familiar with different phases in construction in order to fully become a lead carpenter.

Occupation and Progress of a lead carpenter

According to the US BLS or Bureau of Labor Statistics, job employment for lead carpenters are expected to increased over 13% on a ten year period until 2018.

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