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Health Educator Job Description

Nowadays, an increasing number of individuals are sick due to unhealthy lifestyle and environment. People tend to neglect one’s health due to factors such as work or financial crisis that leads to deficiency in physiological, psychological, emotional, spiritual, and sexual needs of an individual which contribute to the imbalance in one’s wellness leading to illness. The best way in solving this problem is through prevention and that is via health education and promotion. So, people tend to seek consultations from different health professionals for health guidance which leads to an increase in demand for health educators.

What is a Health Educator?

A health educator is a profession that provides significant health teachings to a client, whether sick or well, in various health areas such as physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and sexual health.

Duties of a Health Educator

Health educator provides clients with information that allows them to make healthier choices and practices. Health educators may work as independent consultants or in health departments, community organizations, businesses, hospitals, schools, or government agencies. The health educator’s tasks are as follows depending on the area of specialty:

  • provides information regarding a healthy lifestyle such as eating healthy food/proper diet, regular exercise, and adequate rest and sleep
  • provides information regarding cigarette smoke cessation, alcohol moderation, and avoidance of prohibited drugs
  • provides information regarding reproductive health such as family planning, HIV/AIDS or any STD prevention
  • provides information regarding home remedies for cases that is manageable at home, and in case of emergencies, first aid interventions and referral should be taught
  • provides activities that involve any health promotion and prevention campaigns establish by the government
  • may also teach in schools either public or private which is under health care services
  • plan, develop, coordinate, implement, manage, and evaluate health education programs
  • write grants, build coalitions, identify resources, make referrals
  • develop social marketing and mass media campaigns
  • organize/ mobilize communities for action
  • handle controversial health issues/content
  • use a variety of education/training methods
  • develop audio, visual, print and electronic materials
  • write scholarly articles or even conduct research

Work Conditions of a Health Educator

Health educator can work in schools, colleges/university campus, companies, healthcare settings, or even community organizations and government agencies. Schedules are based on the working hours of the specified area/agency.

Educational Requirements of a Health Educator

A Health educator should meet the following requirements for application of the job:

  • trained and/or certified health education specialists
  • a Bachelor of Science degree holder, preferably healthcare service or any health related courses, much better if Masters or Doctorate degree in school or community health education or health promotion and other related titles

Occupation and Progress of a Health Educator

Health educator can work in schools, colleges/university campus, companies, healthcare settings, or even community organizations and government agencies, mostly in clinics or office. If you want to progress, you may establish your own school for health education; or you can build your own company for health educator recruits; or you can build your own clinic for client consultation. All depends on what you want as long as you have the determination to succeed. Always bear in mind your determination and interest for your job because you’ll surely reach your goals. No one knows maybe you will create your own history in the world of health education.

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