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Irrigation Manager Job Description

What could be considered as one of the most inventions on earth is the system of irrigation. Thousands of years ago, the Egyptians built an irrigation system from which all the nation’s irrigation system at present were derived form. A country or community will not be able to function without its irrigation system, thereby professionals needed to maintain this structure is a necessity.

What is an Irrigation Manager?

An Irrigation Manager supervises the servicing, inspection and repair of irrigation systems in a farm, field or even in an industrial company.

Duties of an Irrigation Manager

  • An Irrigation Manager is in-charge of needed tools and materials for projects, including its inventory. He is also responsible for setting parameters on the use of materials and services within the approved financial budgets of the irrigation projects.
  • An irrigation Manager collates relevant information needed in initiating an irrigation project. This information may include a site’s historical data pertaining to an irrigation system’s condition or its spare parts condition.
  • An Irrigation Manager counsels a client in terms of water usage that may increase a company’s productivity and decrease their cost.
  • He is in charge of evaluation and planning of a competent irrigation system for a particular site or company.
  • He also monitors the system of irrigation system in terms of its usability and its maintenance programs.
  • He is also in charge of directing needed workers in irrigation system projects.

Work condition of an Irrigation Manager

  • An Irrigation Manager often works along side an Irrigation Specialist in that he manages the utilization of needed materials for an efficient irrigation system.
  • His workplace would often be confined in the site where the irrigation system is situated. He may need to move certain mechanical pieces of the system.
  • An Irrigation Manager may also lead a team of specialist and workers for a given irrigation system project.
  • This profession is mostly done outdoors and he may be even required to work under extreme weather conditions such as during rainy or snow seasons.

Educational Requirements of an Irrigation Manager

  • An Irrigation Manager should have completed his Bachelor’s Degree in any field related to Agriculture.
  • He must also have certifications in terms of irrigation management systems and efficiency in customer service orientation.
  • He should also be endowed with mathematical abilities in terms of costing and problem solving.

Occupation and Progress of an Irrigation Manager

A position such as this will open endless opportunities for a person who aims to acquire a higher position in an organization or firm. This profession requires leadership skills needed to accomplish a task that involves working with several people. Therefore promotions are possible as time goes by. Almost all types of industry in the market are focused towards improvement of systems and efficiency in production. The irrigation system started out thousands of years before known only to the early inhabitants of one of our oldest communities. At present the concept is still being used and possibly perfected every day. This profession not only needs people who have the knowledge to do the job but also the ability to perform a job meant to show efficiency in its products.

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