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Ophthalmologist Job Description

Ophthalmologists corrects ones vision by prescribing medicines, eyeglasses, contact lenses or conducts surgical operations on worse conditions. Individuals that have abnormalities and are having severe disorders on aspects of vision are often going to ophthalmologists for consultation and treatment. Many factors affect one’s vision. Unable to pull out contact lenses may cause danger on the later times, long hours of exposure to computers and chemicals that are accidentally spilled off ones eye. Some disorders of the eye include trachoma, cataract, low vision and astigmatism.

Duties of Ophthalmologists:

  • Examines and describes visual disorders
  • Prescribes medications and eye glasses/contact lenses
  • Does surgical operations for severe eye diseases
  • Conducts tests (Colour vision, subjective tests) to determine visual defects
  • Gives diagnosis on the condition of the eye and improvements to be made

Educational/Training Requirements:

  • Must acquire enough training before performing surgeries ( at least three years)
  • Must have a license issued by their states
  • Should be enrolled on preparatory courses and take the most complex science, English and mathematics subjects.

Work Environment:

Ophthalmologists can usually be seen on their clinics and on hospitals. They should prepare a well-equipped environment for their patients. It must be illuminated and properly ventilated to make patients comfortable. Normally, nurses and other staffs are also seen on their clinics.

Tools that Ophthalmologists Use:

Identifying disorders would not be determined by just looking directly at the eye. Some tools would be needed to see the defects and abnormalities on some parts of the eye. Enumerated below are the tools that ophthalmologists use:

  • Ophthalmoscope
  • Binocular microscope
  • Tonometer
  • Spectacles


In 2004, on a survey conducted by the Physicians Search, average earnings of ophthalmologists would be $ 120 000 to $ 190 000, for some just starting on the business. However, various factors may affect ophthalmologists’ salary. The matter of experience, the location of their clinics and how well and often they work on their respective clinics. Most of the time ophthalmologists spend their time on hospitals conducting surgical operations and meeting some of their patients are made by appointments.

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