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Aircraft Assemblers Job Description

The Aircraft Assembler puts together and installs free fabricated aircraft parts to manufacture fixed wing or rotary wing aircraft’s or aircraft sub-assemblies according to detailed engineering specifications.

Primary objective:

  • The Aircraft Assembler puts together and installs prefabricated aircraft parts.
  • The Aircraft Assembler must be capable of following detailed engineering specifications.
  • The Aircraft Assembler inspects each job upon completion to make sure that it is completed in accordance to specifications.
  • The Aircraft Assembler typically works in aircraft and parts manufacturing facilities or airline companies.

The Aircraft Assembler must perform several duties in order to complete the assembly work required by the manufacturing facility he is employed by. First, the Aircraft Assembler must read and interpret aircraft assembly diagram; then The Aircraft Assembler must assemble and fit pre-fabricated parts to form sub- assemblies, working at benches or directly on an aircraft structure. The Aircraft Assembler assembles fits and installs pre-fabricated parts and sub – assemblies such as aircraft skins, flight controls, reading, hydraulics and other mechanical systems. The Aircraft Assembler realizes that there is no room for mistakes sense lives are at stake.

The Aircraft Assembler will inspect aircraft assemblies, using measuring and testing equipment, and for adherence to engineering specifications. The Aircraft Assembler backed assemblies for alignment,symmentry, dimensions, fit and work quality. The Aircraft Assembler who has become an inspector must be capable of completing a detailed inspection documentation. The Aircraft Assembler who works in this occupation are normally employed in a manufacturing plant environment. The development and ergonomics have improved working conditions through changes in workstations design and the increased use of robots or other powered machinery to lift heavy objects.

The Aircraft Assembler is required to have a combination of educational experience or other attributes before he can obtain his job. The completion of a secondary school is mandatory. The completion of college or other programs in aviation or aeronautical technology, with emphasis in aircraft manufacturing, may be required. Aircraft Assemblers receive several months of on-the-job and classroom training before they are permitted to start working on aircraft assembly jobs. The Aircraft Assembler who wants to become an inspector must have several years experience in the field.

The Aircraft Assembler must have good communication skills, capable of using computers, detailed engineering programs, as well as, being capable of reading detailed engineering specifications. The pay is very good for An Aircraft Assembler. The Working Conditions for an Aircraft Assembler are very good as well. While many Aircraft Assemblers work in the private sector, there are others who work in government facilities. There is a huge need for Aircraft Assemblers and that is why the pay and benefits are considered to be outstanding. Not only Does the Aircraft Assembler work on new aircraft but they also must be capable of taking apart older aircraft and replacing some of the much-needed parts. Airlines often higher Aircraft Assemblers to work on the premises with the mechanics. This enables the mechanics not only to fix the aircraft but install newer parts. The Aircraft Assembler must keep up to date with any new innovations that an aircraft can use. That is why many airlines prefer to have on staff Aircraft Assemblers who are capable of keeping their aircraft up to date.

Often the Aircraft Assembler must be able to assemble, fit and install prefabricated parts such as aircraft skins, flight controls, rigging, hydraulics and other mechanical systems when necessary on aircraft owned by the airlines. When any Aircraft Assembler works for a manufacturing company they normally can rely on the most modern of equipment to help them with their work. Unfortunately, working for an airline the Aircraft Assembler may find that the use of powered machinery to lift heavy objects is not readily made available. The Aircraft Assembler often needs to have the airline rent out some of the robotics needed when it comes to replacing some of the vital parts of an older aircraft. Since the development and ergonomics has improved working conditions for the Aircraft Assembler many airlines have started installing the equipment on a permanent basis. This is important Not Only for the Aircraft Assembler but also for the mechanics. Most Aircraft Assemblers enjoy the type of work that they do and the pay and benefits that accompany their position.

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