Lumberjack Job Description

Ever wonder what a lumberjack does? Did you ever ask yourself where does your furniture and cabinets come from? Get to know his nature of work and you will appreciate what kind of work they have.

What is Lumberjack?

Lumberjack are the ones harvest different logs and used it for a living and made this as a paper, cabinets, furniture and other wood products. They too are known as loggers but the term lumberjack is commonly used term these days. They too have logging skills and some of the things they do are balancing logs, chopping them and other related tasks to logging. They too transport the tress and process it into other forest products.

Duties of a Lumberjack

  1. A Lumberjack uses a bulldozer to gain access to the forest, drag and move logs far from the logging site and sort logs according to the type of wood.
  2. Lumberjack also sharpens the teeth on the chain saw. Other job they can do includes fuelling, oiling, and maintaining it.
  3. They load logs and other materials to the bulldozer.
  4. They visit the logging sites once in a year.
  5. They cut and clear new roads leading to the logging sites.
  6. They too select the lumber that they will harvest and determine what route to take.
  7. They decide what direction the tress will fall before they cut it.
  8. They usually make smaller cuts in the tress.
  9. They trim the logs too for ease in carrying all the logs.
  10. They prepare all the logs to be loaded in the truck. They measure all these according to appropriate length and cut is with a chainsaw.

Work Condition of a Lumberjack?

Most of the time lumberjack work outdoors. They usually work in a noisy and active environment. Some lumberjack might not travel a lot and just works on the logging site while for some they handle the loading and importing of logs to different location.

Educational Requirements of a Lumberjack

Being a lumberjack is quite easy. Some can have a high school diploma and jobs can be given to others who take an equivalent diploma. The logging skills needed for this job is often learned on the logging site, training period, and from other experienced lumberjacks. They too are required to have mechanical skills, in good physical shape and can solve some measurements and calculations.

Occupation and Progress of a Lumberjack

Lumberjacks do not usually work as a team. They are just composed of six members but usually the common scenario is just a lumberjack who cuts down the tress alone. After they cut tress, they drive the machine that will carry all the harvested tress and make some trimming on the tress. Some even perform binding the logs in the truck and transport it. Some perform all these tasks together and they can even take turns in doing all these different duties.

Now the next time you sit on your sofa or open your cabinet, you will appreciate the entire hard job that a lumberjack performs from harvesting the tress, cutting it down, measuring it and transporting to be used as furniture, paper and other wood products. They perform all these dangerous stuff just to make your life comfortable.

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