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Senior Economist Job Description

The senior economists will report to the chief economist and will assist the chief economist in a range of functions. The senior economists must be able to deal effectively with other staff and with external stakeholders. The senior economists will be expected to represent chief economist both within and externally.

The Senior Economists must be able to do the following task in their job function:

  • The senior economist must be able to manage small teams to deliver analytic functions in support of operations.
  • They supervise external socioeconomic research conducted.
  • They analyze and assess economic research and economic arguments presented by stakeholders and contractors.
  • They assist managers on economic questions that arise in the development of plans.
  • They manage market assessments required in annual review of deemed values.
  • They present economic data in formats that is understandable to stakeholders, to other staff, and to senior government decision-makers.
  • They conduct economic analysis relevant to operational and policy issues.
  • They provide well-written economic advice on short turn-around times for variety of management issues.
  • They provide microeconomic training relevant to job requirements of non-economists on staff involved in operations.


  • The senior economists must have a graduate degree in economics, resource economics, or closely related field.
  • They should also have a graduate degree in public policy or related field will be considered only if training includes graduate theory coursework in microeconomics and econometrics.
  • They must have training in resource economics, environmental economics, recreational economics, or related field strongly preferred.
    They should have background in economics or management will be very useful but not required.
  • They should at least have a minimum of two years experience in policy related position is strongly preferred, but applicants with extensive research experience in applied microeconomics will be considered.

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