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National Account Manager Job Description

If you love working in large business companies, then becoming a national account manager is something to consider. Below is the detailed job description of a national account manager.

What is a national account manager?

National account managers help any business company in maximizing level of profit by boosting the corporate sales. Account leaders make sure that appropriate procedures in sales management are in adequate place in order to compensate the top performing account managers.

Duties of national account manager

  • National account managers are responsible in recruiting and negotiating various business transactions and sign on new regional and national retailers. They coordinate activities providing support to the Channel which includes market and account launches, key metrics, communications with matrixes in departments like Operations, Field Sales, Marketing and Supply Chain.
  • Senior leaders create positive mindshare of retailers and commitment for mutual success. They serve as a champion in internal account making sure that regular and clear communication is installed within company employees. They develop an extensive comprehension of the needs of customers as well as their specialized are of practice.
  • A national account manager presents solutions and information in a nice and professional manner. They lead in the process of Account Management Team that is assigned for national accounts. They also gain monthly goals, quarterly as well as yearly sales in company margins and goals.
  • Senior leaders also pursue opportunities that are unique in each account that is assigned in terms of merchandising, marketing and operations.

Condition of Work

National account managers supervise junior sales people making sure that they achieve quarterly or monthly goals. Most of them work in a national account or any business industry. They He are responsible in building intensive business relationships to their top customers within a country or region.

Educational Requirements

There is no particular formal education required in becoming a national account manager position. However, most employers prefer aspiring candidates with a degree in finance, business management, communication and marketing. A national account manager most commonly obtains a master’s degree in any field related to business.

Occupation and work

National account managers can take a step upward in business hierarchy through a good performance as well as achieving goals in sales. With few years of work experience and a good skill in business industry, a national account manager can become a business sales director.

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