Coroner Job Description

The Coroner is responsible for directing the performance of investigations on deaths that occurred strictly within his jurisdiction.

Primary Objectives:

  • The Coroner is in charge of examining the circumstances together with the evidence involved in a person’s death.
  • The Coroner testifies during hearings and trials.
  • The Coroner is responsible for disposing the unclaimed corpse as well as the deceased’ personal effects.
  • The Coroner notifies the relatives of the deceased.
  • The signing of the death certificate is also part of the job of a Coroner.

A Coroner must have a bachelor’s degree in a medical or science field. The relevant undergraduate degrees may include biology, chemistry, forensic and pre- med. More often than not, a four- year post- graduate study is required as well. A Coroner must have specialized knowledge on human anatomy as well as on many death causes. Requirements on other licensing or training requirements may differ from state to state. Generally, a Coroner has experience dealing with law enforcement.

The key duty of a Coroner is to pinpoint the cause and the manner of deaths not brought about by natural causes. The job a Coroner involves going to the death scenes, conducting investigations on the cause of death of the person, doing necessary paperwork such as the death certificate of the person and notifying the family of the deceased.

Most of the responsibilities of a Coroner involve surgical operations as well as other medical jobs. By conducting different types of investigations like pathology reports plus autopsy tests, a Coroner traces the cause of death of a person. The Coroner directs the performance of investigations on deaths which occur in the region in which he or she resides. The Coroner collects the evidence and they lead the investigations. Afterwards, the Coroner contracts with physicians so they can perform the medical examination.

Degrees and Training to Become a Coroner

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